Invited Speakers

Title: Socially-Aware Networking: Towards Efficient Data Delivery in Mobile Social Networks
Feng Xia
Dalian University of Technology, China                                        
Title: Energy Harvesting in Heterogeneous Networks with Hybrid Powered Communication Systems
Ahmed E. Kamal
Iowa State University                                        
Title: New empirical techniques for infallible 3D Face recognition in harshly environments
Sadi Vural
Ayonix Corporation, Japan                                        
Title: The role of AI methods in medical infrared thermal imaging
Ricardo Vardasca
Universidade do Porto, Portugal                                        
Title: Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted Self Organizing Networks for 5G
Muhammad Zeeshan Asghar
University of Jyväskylä,Finland                                        
Title: Development and Demonstration of Lane Departure Warning System using GPS technology and vehicle to vehicle communication
Imran Hayee
University of Minnesota, USA                                        
Title: Mining for Data’s Golden Nuggets
Andrew Ware
University of South Wales, UK