Nedim Tutkun


Title Building off-grid photovoltaic-wind systems with low cost operation in rural areas in developing countries

Recently off-grid photovoltaic-wind systems have increasingly been growing in developing countries in order to meet power demand for household applications since their declining investment costs and increasing performance took place with technological improvements in electricity storage and control systems so in near future they seem to become a growing market in these countries. The impact of off-grid photovoltaic-wind systems can be measured by reducing costs for electricity consumption in rural areas and changing the lives of millions who have no access to electricity at homes today. Building off-grid photovoltaic-wind systems with low cost operation in rural areas where wind and irradiation potentials are sufficient to generate necessary electricity is one alternative to find a good solution to it. As wind speed and insolation rate vary with time, the generated power by wind turbines and photovoltaic panels may inevitably fluctuate around the clock. However, for low cost operation and sustainable energy supply, generated and consumed power should be balanced at each time interval throughout the day as much as possible and this may be done by shuffling the loads within day time as long as total load demand remains constant. That is, the more power was produced at a time span, the more power was consumed at the same time. This may be achieved by the combinatorial optimization through the genetic algorithms that helps provide affordable low cost operation and continuous power flow in household applications. The proposed approach exhibits relatively excellent performance on the minimization of operation cost and manages to comparatively find affordable operation cost for household applications.


Born in Sakarya/Turkey in 1966. Received BSc degree in Electrical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University at Sakarya, Turkey and obtained PhD degree in Electrical Engineering at Cardiff University, UK in 1999. Promoted to be assistant professor at Zonguldak University in 1999, associate professor and full professor at D├╝zce University in 2009 and 2014 respectively. Published several papers in SCI journals. Fields of study are wind-PV renewable energy applications, genetic design optimization, energy efficiency in inverter-fed induction motors.