Zaki Malik


Title Towards Autonomic Cloud Services

In recent years, interest in cloud computing has gained considerable momentum. The service-oriented architecture paradigm is a key enabler of the cloud computing vision, where independently developed and deployed services are used as the building blocks for developing distributed software systems. The primary value of such services is the ability to reuse pre-developed, and independent resources into service compositions that perform more complex functions, with minimal or no human intervention. In this talk Dr. Malik will share their work done towards the goal of autonomic cloud service compositions, and discuss the open challenges and research opportunities.


Zaki Malik is an Assistant Professor of computer science at Wayne State University, where he heads the Services COmputing REsearch (SCORE) Laboratory. His research interests lie broadly in service computing, reliable distributed systems, Web databases, and semantic integration systems. The focus of the research is on applying service-oriented techniques in these areas to build computer systems that are deployable in practice. He regularly publishes in top journals and conferences, and has authored a book on Trust Management in Service-oriented Environments. He also serves in various capacities on the committees and boards of database and service-oriented computing conferences and journals. He received the PhD degree in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, and is a member of the IEEE and ACM.