Iftikhar Ahmed Khan


Title Role of ICTs in Learning: A Prospect to Hel Illiterate Population of Pakistan

Information Communication technologies are widely being utilized for information dissemination in various areas like: business, economics, education and learning etc. However, most of these systems target literate users. As illiteracy is considered a big hurdle in nations development, there is a need to take benefits of ICTs to a major chunk of this population as well. Literature review related to ICTs providing different services generally and in education and learning specifically will be discussed in this work. The important guidelines to design ICT solutions for Pakistani illiterate population will be presented.


Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan did his PhD in the field of ‘Human Computer Interaction’ from Brunel University West London UK in 2009. Dr. Khan did MCS in the field of computer sciences from COMSATS Abbottabad in 2004. His areas of research are Human Computer Interaction, Affective Computing and Software Engineering. He has published paper in various reputed international conferences and journals. He is currently working as an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in the Department of Computer Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad. He worked as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER as well for a year in COMSATS Information Technology Centre.