Junaid Ahmed Zubairi


Title IoT (Internet of Things) and Its Applications

IoT (Internet of Things) is the extension of networking, computing and data generation to everyday objects and sensors in automated and autonomous ways. IoT envisages a world in which devices take independent decisions for reaching a predefined goal with minimal human intervention. It is estimated that over 50 billion devices would be connected by 2020, each device capable of sensing, analyzing and sending data wirelessly. Some key components of IoT include sensors, aggregators, actors and e-utilities including analysis and decision software. IoT applications are in the broad fields of transportation, e-health, warfare, utilities, industrial automation and municipal services. IoT can be divided into broad categories of Industrial and Consumer platforms. Both of these categories have plenty of exciting developments taking place. In this talk, I will present an introduction of IoT, its challenges, issues and current and potential applications including our related work.


Junaid Ahmed Zubairi received his BE (Electrical Engineering) from NED University of Engineering, Pakistan and MS and Ph.D. (Computer Engineering) from Syracuse University, USA in 1991. He worked in Sir Syed University Pakistan and Intl' Islamic University Malaysia before joining State University of New York at Fredonia, USA in 1999 where currently he is a Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. Dr. Zubairi is a recipient of many grants and awards including Malaysian Government IRPA research award, NSF MACS grant and multiple SUNY scholarly incentive awards. His research interests include network traffic engineering, network protocols and applications of networks. He has edited two books on network applications and security and published numerous peer reviewed chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings papers. He can be reached at zubairi@fredonia.edu.