Abubakar Shoaib


Title IoE, Enabling Smart Cities

IoT or IoE (Internet of Everything, as Cisco calls it) connects the unconnected people, processes, data and things. However, the challenge we see with IoT/IoE, when it comes to Smart cities, is that cities’ departments improve their infrastructure and data in silos. There’s no unified approach to how a Smart City is designed, from infrastructure and data analytics view point.This talk discusses a unified approach to Smart Cities. The talk will highlight the importance of a common Data Analytics and Infrastructure fabric for smart cities, touching on concepts of Logical Data Warehouse, Fog Computing and a common Wireless Infrastructure. A high-level network architecture of smart city will also be discussed, backed up with a couple of references / use cases. 


Abubakar Shoaib comes with over 16 years of market experience in the field of Network Architectures, Collaboration, IoT and Data Centers. He has been with Cisco for the past 10 years, involved in some major Enterprise and IoT related projects. He holds a Masters degree in Network Communication and is a Cisco Certified Internet Expert (CCIE). He’s married and is currently based out of Dubai, with a wife and four beautiful kids