Shoab A Khan


Title Digitize or Die: How to go about doing the magic of digitization?

Using the power of computers and networks is becoming increasingly critical for competitive advantage, increasing effectiveness of solutions and many a times brining fairness in systems. Businesses and operations not appreciating the power of digitization are dying their own death. They are taken over by modern technology startups as it is the innovation that is driving this new battle on information front. Digitization is key to automation of processes and workflows, acquisition, storage and processing of data and information, embedded artificial intelligence and machine learning in decision aiding on key issues confronting organizations. There is data that is already digital in nature, but the real charm of digitization is in discretizing nature that is not digital in nature. The use of sensors to capture nature is becoming vital to many systems. The IoTs are predicted to connect everything that plays any role in our life in networks and connect us through clouds with devices and embedded sensors. The talk shall bring the complete spectrum of digitization and then shall focus on many use cases to illustrate the art of digitization. The process capturing, their simulation, software architecture and design of systems, augmenting them with IoTs will be presented. The talk shall also list the application of AI, deep learning, modeling and optimization in digitization. In a country like Pakistan where is an immense scope of these techniques for digitization of systems where IT should be used as a catalyst. There are even applications where digitization is like oxygenations and is critical for their effective working. 


D­­­r Shoab Khan received his PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology USA in 1995. While in US he got extensive experience of working in a number of top notch technology companies like Scientific Atlanta, Picture Tel and Cisco System.   In 1999 Dr Shoab Khan founded with his friends an exciting startup named Communication Enabling Technology (CET). The startup raised US $17 Million in venture funding.  CET with Dr Khan as chief architect designed world highest density media processor chip for VoIP media gateways. For his innovate work, Dr Khan has 5 US patents to his credit. Along with extensive industrial experience, Dr Khan is a celebrated academician that is reflected from his contributed of 300+ international publications and a world class text book on Digital Design of Signal Processing System published by John Wiley & Sons. He is a professor of Computer Engineering at NUST College of EME.   He is also founder and executive director of CASE and CARE. CASE is a primer engineering institution whereas CARE, under his leadership, has risen to be one of the most profound high technology engineering organizations in Pakistan. The organization is catering for dire technical needs of defense and strategic organization by executing cutting edge technology. For his eminent industrial and academic profile, Dr Shoab has been awarded with numerous honors and awards. These include Tamgh-e-Imtiaz Pakistan, HEC best researcher award, NUST best teacher award and NCR National Excellence Award in Engineering Education. He is currently serving as Deputy Chairperson of National Computing Education and Accreditation Council, in the faculty board of studies of many universities and has served as Chairman Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) for year 2014-15.