Raziq Yaqub


Title Big Data Analytics and its Applications for Pakistan’s Government and Industry

This talk would be mainly divided into three parts: the definition of Big Data with respect to 3Vs (Volume, Velocity, and Variety), the technical Enablers of Big Data Analytics, and the Applications of Big Data analytics specifically for the government as well as private sector of Pakistan. The technical part of the talk will focus on the following four areas: Data preparation, i.e. the software tools that ease the burden of sourcing, shaping, cleansing, and sharing diverse and messy data sets to accelerate data’s usefulness for analytics. Data quality, i.e. the software/hardware tools that conduct data filtering, cleansing, aggregation, and enrichment on high volume, high-velocity data sets, using parallel operations. Information Extraction i.e. SQL databases tools and technologies to support information extraction and new insights from large repositories of unstructured and structured data that resides in multiple sources such as, databases, streams, APIs, and other platforms; and finally the Data virtualization, i.e. a technology that displays the useful information extracted from various data sources such as Hadoop, and displays it in user friendly and interactive interface. This section will also elaborate on the important technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and data mining. The strategic part will focus mainly on Big Data applications for Government, Smart Cities, Digital Health, and Businesses. In countries like USA, government security agencies will use Big Data analytics to foil terrorist plots, intelligence agencies to detect and prevent cyber-attacks; and Police forces to catch criminals, and even predict where the next crime will happen. The speaker will recommend developing tools that Government of Pakistan may leverage upon in improving security, predicting crimes and combating terrorist activities.


Dr. Yaqub earned a Ph.D. in Wireless Communication from Keio University, Japan, and MBA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickenson University, USA. He is one of the pioneers of LTE/4G, and an inventor of numerous technologies of 4th Generation Wireless Communication, and Smart Grid. He received “Inventor of the Year Award” from the Governor of the State of New Jersey, USA, through Inventors Hall of Fame. Dr. Yaqub remained an Executive Director of Toshiba America Research, Department head of NIKSUN University, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, where he lead educational efforts on Cybersecurity, and Big Data Analytics. He also remained Sr. Consultant to the State of New Jersey, a spokesperson in 3GPP on behalf of Department of Homeland Security”, an Associate Professor at University of Tennessee, and currently an Associate Professor at Alabama A&M University, Huntsville. He is also Managing Partner of Del Terri, a Big Data Analytics venture. Dr. Yaqub is skilled in teaching, conducting research, inventing technologies, developing solutions, and building industry academia collaboration. His academic efforts include developing from scratch, the new courses on “Smart Grid”, “4G Networks”, and “Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Cyber Security”. His research interest is in Big Data Analytics, 5G/4G/LTE, Smart Grid technologies (including Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energies, Smart Home Energy Management, etc.), and Cyber Security. He filed 34 patents (24 already issued), published numerous papers in international conferences, and submitted 150+ contributions in technical standards organizations. He remained a working group chairman in Mobile Wireless Internet Forum, Chairman IEEE Membership Development, Chairman IEEE for Award Committee, Rapporteur in 3GPP, keynote speaker, panelist, and guest speaker in numerous International conferences.