Omer Rana


Title Integrating IoT/Edge Devices with Cloud Systems for Real Time Sensing & Data Analytics

Increasing availability of sensing infrastructure, through Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge devices, requires access to computing environments that are able to process such data within time, cost and efficiency constraints. Due to the limited capacity (compute power, storage, transmission range, battery life) of such devices, it is often necessary to off-load computation to another system. A number of applications can now make use of this sensing infrastructure, such as city-wide surveillance, transport management and environment monitoring. Understanding how such infrastructure can be used in an effective manner remains a challenge for software application developers. The availability of various device specific libraries, variable frequency of firmware upgrades and data formats adds additional complexity to this. An approach for integrating IoT-based sensing with real time data analysis is proposed, which attempts to address some of the challenges identified above.


Omer Rana is Professor of Performance Engineering in the School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University. He leads the Complex Systems Research Group which also hosts an Internet of Things laboratory and the Airbus Centre in Cybersecurity Analytics. He is on the Executive Committee of Cardiff University's multi-disciplinary "Data Innovation" Research Institute, and he also contributes as an advisory board member of the "Energy Systems" Research Institute. Omer Rana holds a PhD in Neural Networks & Parallel Architectures from Imperial College (University of London, UK). Additional information available at: