Nor Zaihar Yahaya


Title Development of a Multi-Input DC-AC Inverter using Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources

This work looks into multi-input renewable energy sources for DC-AC inverter (MII) design. The proposed MII consists of a DC-DC boost converter and a single phase full bridge DC-AC inverter. The structure of MII is simpler compared to several single-input inverters used for each source. The input sources applied in this work comprise of photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine (WT) and hydrogen fuel cell (HFC). As the power from PV and WT are intermittent, a charge controller is required to provide uninterrupted supply to the MII. This MII is capable to operate in three different operating modes and power delivered to the load can be either individually or simultaneously. The proposed inverter was simulated using NI Multisim 12.0 circuit simulator and the results are discussed in details.


Dr. Nor Zaihar Yahaya, MIEEE has been a staff in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) since 2002. Currently, he is a current a senior academician and researcher in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering in UTP, Malaysia. His main teaching/research includes the study of Solid State Physics, Microelectronics & Devices and Power Electronics & Drives. He has published more than 50 papers in proceedings, indexed journals and book chapter. In addition, he has filed for several copyright and patent locally. Currently, he is actively working on projects related to Renewable Energy (RE) and PETRONAS interest. Among them are studies involving RE integration which include electrolysis/fuel cell technology as well as power generation towards rural areas, vessel on off-shore oil rig applications. Other than these, he has performed his duty as working panel for curriculum syllabus, external PG examiners, advisor/consultant to several industries dealing with LEDs, RE, PCB, converter/inverter design, RF energy harvester and many others.