Tanveer Ahmed


Title Harnessing Technology through Pakistan’s resource centres Mapping (Reverse Linkage) & Reaching the Islamic Ummah with the yields of technological achievements

Our world is empowered by science and scientific knowledge as never before. Scientific and Technological advances are at a point where challenges to our education, health, hope, environment and wellbeing may be defined and potentially addressed in a way that could not have been imagined mere decades ago. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have transformed many aspects of our lives and offered unprecedented opportunities and challenges for education, health and government. Education institutions, at all levels, need to provide every citizen with the knowledge, skills and competences as well as the lifelong learning opportunities required for living and working in an increasingly technology-rich environment. In the post-global financial crisis era, many emerging countries are seeking opportunities to achieve development cooperation with other IDB Member Countries. Islamic Development Bank has always been open and cooperative in enhancing knowledge sharing among its member countries, IDB's initiative of Reverse Linkage as a continuation of such a role. Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) continues to indulge in local regional and global partnerships for fostering societal benefits through the effective utilization of available knowledge and skills. In this context, Higher Education Commission Pakistan in collaboration with Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has documented a detail study for mapping Pakistan's best Resource Centres to share Pakistan's expertise and knowledge with other IDB member countries. This will fill the gap and would catalyse better use of technical expertise especially amongst the OIC member countries. The main objective of this talk is to briefly highlight the Resource Centres in Pakistan, and discuss their best practices, successful models and approaches, which have the potential to be emulated by other institutions in IDB Member Countries.


Technology Consultant at IDB (Islamic Development Bank) and Higher Education Commission Of Pakistan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Worldwide Technologies & Consulting Pty Australia. Having 19+ years of experience as an IT Professional, primarily in the field of Technology Risk Management, Project management, Systems Integration, Business Intelligence, Applications Services Framework consultancy in Public sector, Oil & Gas and telecom sector. Expert in project planning, execution and monitoring & control. Encompasses strong leadership, successful team-building capabilities combined with technical, communication and presentation skills. Diverse technical expertise derived from rapid learning and effective application of cutting-edge technology. Facilitate problem-solving teams that accurately assess technical challenges and successfully transform ideas into appropriate, workable solutions. As a hard core portfolio and program manager I managed a number of international and national level projects of 1000+ Man Months. As a Senior Applications Frame work Consultant, I was primarily responsible for integration and design of Applications services Framework. Writer, speaker, and consultant in the fields of Technology Management & Middleware Risk Management and evaluation. Today, In addition to all I serves as an adviser and Board Member to several National (Public sector) and International organizations.