Mudasser Wyne


Title Big Data and Use of Big Data

Big data has been considered to be a revolutionary technological development for the past few years. Big data should not be confused with data reuse: data can be big without being reused for another purpose. The importance of data science and big data analytics is growing very fast as organizations are gearing up to leverage their information assets to gain competitive advantage. During this presentation we will provide definition, examine, identify and describe few evolving research areas related with “Big Data”. Finally, based on the review, future directions for exploration in “Big Data” will also be provided.


He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Engineering, and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He is a Professor of Computer Science and serve as a Chair for Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the National University in San Diego, USA. He is also the Program director for MS in Computer Science and have served recently as the lead for MS in Information Technology Management, MSc in Database Administration, BSc in Information Systems, the co-Lead for MSc Computer Science programs. At the National University he is serving as Chair of the University Research Council and has also served as the Chair of Council of Chairs, Chair of the Undergraduate Council Program review committee, Chair of the Graduate Council Program review committee and Chair of the School of Academic Affairs committee. Previously, he has taught at 6 different countries for over 30 years. Dr. Wyne has been part of the DESY Group (Deutches Elecktronen Synchrotron), Hamburg Germany, as a research fellow, and worked with an MIT group, led by a Nobel laureate. He is also recipient of Full Bright Grant.   Dr. Wyne’s association with ABET USA dates back to 2001, where he has served as the Commissioner for the Computer Accreditation Commission (CAC), ABET Visit Team Chair and certified program evaluator for BSc in Computer Science and BSc in Information Systems.   He has to secured a number of grants and have served on numerous international Ph.D. Thesis committees, been a member of the editorial boards for 8 international journals, served as the Chair and Co-Chair for 13 international conferences, and served on more than 180 international conference program committees. He has been invited to a number of international conferences as Invited Speaker, chaired panel discussions and numerous international conference sessions. He has published number of articles in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He is a member of ACM, ASEE, ASEE/PSW and CSAB.