Monis Rahman

Title Towards Financial Inclusion: ID Verification Algorithms for the Forgotten 85%



Monis Rahman is a Pakistani internet entrepreneur, venture capitalist and businessman. Rahman is the co-founder and executive chairman of Naseeb Networks, Inc.; a business-oriented social network used primarily for online job recruiting. Rahman has been listed among the top entrepreneurs of 21st century several times. He is an internet entrepreneur with 15 years of experience setting up online businesses in emerging markets and delivering results. He has specific familiarity with US, Pakistan and Saudi online markets for classifieds and e-commerce related businesses. He can comfortably navigate between high level financial modeling, low level code writing, managing high performance sales organizations and building brands on small budgets.

After a hiatus of four years and working as a consultant, Rahman decided to start a social networking site for Muslims in the United States and United Kingdom, after looking at the success of similar website He named it "" (meaning "destiny").

In 2005, Rahman built a "quick and dirty" job site to post job openings for his parent company Naseeb Networks. Many other companies contacted Rahman to post their companies' and products' ads on his website. Rahman agreed to post their ads free of cost to help boost Naseeb's traffic. After receiving such a reception, the website became the primary business of Naseeb Networks.

Rahman has received multiple honours and awards including International Data Group CIO Pakistan Pioneer in Innovation Award, Forbes "Ten Big Hitting Asian Businessmen under 50" and Pakistan Power 100 Excellence Award