Arsalan Ghani


Title High-value digitalisation - Enabling University-Industry commercial platform development.

Digitalisation is transforming networks globally and disrupting the way businesses are conducted. Numerous organisations and universities are undertaking digitalisation projects. However, the need is to connect the high-end digitalisation research with actors and coalitions across the industrial landscape to capture high value from the ecosystem. University-Industry collaborative platforms are emerging in leading institutions with interesting offerings, enabling the design and transformation of industrial systems. New ventures, SMEs and multinationals are taking advantages of such platforms and enhancing their competitive positions.

. At Cambridge, we analysed cases of proactive collaborations between universities, companies, governments, international agencies and third sector organisations that are exploiting tools, methods and frameworks emerging form digitalisation research. We suggest actors, coalition and institutional mechanisms incorporating proactive and reactive engagements.


Arsalan Ghani’s research involves investigations into industrial strategies, policies and supply network capabilities. He explored actors and coalitions dynamics within the industrial system. His detailed analysis on actors interplay lead to the development of mechanisms to design strategic and policy interventions for sustainable and resilient supply chain transformations. His research involves fieldwork, rigorous empirical analysis, analytical methods, operations management concepts and policy theories to address challenges that have significant implications for international supply network development.

Prior to studying in Cambridge, Arsalan Ghani was the head of technology of a public sector research organisation responsible for data engineering & analytics, ICT development/implantation and policy. His role ultimately led to advising businesses and governments on matters of technology, productivity, supply chain development and sustainability. His first working experience was in an operation management role in manufacturing followed by academic and consulting work.

He published his work in journals, internal reports and white papers. He presented his work at leading international conferences and was also invited to speak on the BBC. He is involved in a digitally-driven social enterprise start-up and also remained a charity trustee.

Arsalan Ghani completed Masters in Operations and Technology Management from Gent University Belgium and Bachelors in Textile Engineering from UET Lahore Pakistan.  He grew up in Nigeria and later lived in Pakistan, Finland, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.  He likes reading 18th-19th century philosophers, charity fundraising and travelling.