Aijaz Shahid


Title Meri Kahani Meri Zubani – A Success Story

Aijaz Shahid is the founder and CEO of Mohenjoz “Pakistan’s Premier Marketplace for Arts & Crafts” and Dimensions Trading Company “Turn Key Solution Providers”. Prior to launching Mohenjoz, Mr. Shahid had been COO of Brainspharma “A Distribution and Contract Marketing Company”. Mr. Shahid is enriched with enormous experience in the fields of Distribution & Supply Chain, Investment Banking, Pharmaceutical and FMCG Industry. Mr. Shahid envisioned that the dying art and craft industry of Pakistan can be revived by using the power of ICT. To create the international buzz about the Pakistani Culture, he came up with another incredible idea named “Pakistan Entrepreneurial Art and Cultural Expo” (PEACE). PEACE is an initiative to bring all possible stakeholders on a platform to collaborate and strive to bring a change in the lives of thousands of families living below poverty line. Mr. Shahid possesses a firm believe that only entrepreneurship can change the fate of Pakistan so he launched the concept of Cultural Entrepreneurship in the county. Branding is a new imperative to survive in this competitive environment; eying at this fact he anticipated to launch the concept of Cultural Branding through PEACE platform.