Junaid Zubairi


Title Development of Smart Disaster Management System

We describe design and implementation of a smart system to automate the process of patient handling and processing in mass disasters involving scores of injured victims. The MEDTOC system developed earlier has been enhanced to include location aware processing at the disaster site, quick classification of patients and parametric assignment of patients to area hospitals. A series of C and Matlab programs are developed in client-server configuration to obtain latitude and longitude of the disaster site, find driving distances to three nearest hospitals and assign the closest hospital server as the command and control center for this specific disaster. Next, the server receives the details of the patients from the client and patients are assigned to the most suitable hospitals using a number of parameters including the RTS score or triage tag color of the patients, trauma rank of the hospitals and the distance of the hospitals from the disaster site. Processing results of a simulated disaster of a 20-storey high apartment building are presented for the region of RAK (Ras al Khaimah), UAE. In order to rank the hospitals for disaster preparedness, we interviewed the Director of Emergency Room of Al-Rashid Hospital Dubai and collected statistics about several local hospitals in RAK region. It is expected that chaotic mass disaster situations can be controlled and stabilized by deploying some of the techniques developed in this project thus saving more lives. This project can also become part of the smart city infrastructure provided that the hospitals in the smart city run the servers that are alerted to disasters by the hand held clients used by paramedics.


Junaid Ahmed Zubairi received his BE (Electrical Engineering) from NED University of Engineering, Pakistan and MS and Ph.D. (Computer Engineering) from Syracuse University, USA. He worked in Space Research Commission (SUPARCO), Sir Syed University of Engineering and Intl' Islamic University Malaysia before joining State University of New York at Fredonia where currently he is a Professor of Computer Science. Last year, Dr. Zubairi was on sabbatical leave and worked in American University of Ras al Khaimah, UAE on a funded research on disaster management. Dr. Zubairi is a recipient of many awards including Malaysian Government IRPA award, National Science Foundation MACS grant, SUNY Scholarly Incentive award, SUNY individual development award and SUNY and AURAK research seed grants. He has edited two books, authored several chapters and scholarly articles in books, international journals and conference proceedings. His current research interests include network traffic engineering, performance evaluation of networks, network applications in medicine and cyber security. He is a member of IEEE and IEEE Communications Society. He can be reached at zubairi@fredonia.edu