Ashiq Anjum


Title Cognitive Cyber surveillance in an IoT enabled World

Internet of things (IoT) are transforming the digital infrastructures landscape by integrating physical objects and artefacts into conventional computational infrastructures. A new type of cyber world is emerging where networks span beyond computer resources to include physical entities such as buildings and motorways. Emerging Smart cities are the biggest beneficiary of this new phenomenon where IoT enabled infrastructures and utilities are increasingly finding ways into our daily life. Existing cybersecurity approaches are not adequate to protect the critical infrastructures in this IoT enabled world. We need an element of physical protection and situational awareness within these infrastructures to offer innovative services such as perimeter defence, object tracking, loitering detection, crowd density monitoring and audience profiling. Aggregating video and sensor data and analysing this to predict behaviour or thwart crimes has become one of the fundamental cornerstones of modern day cybersecurity. This talk will present a cognitive cyber surveillance platform to protect IoT enabled services and infrastructures. The platform produces situational awareness and proactive intelligence from the data coming from sensors, actuators and video cameras deployed within and around key installations. Using deep learning algorithms and cloud computing, the platform infers cyber intelligence in almost real time from the consolidated data. The platform offers data driven cognitive cyber surveillance. This will enable improved governance (including better coordination and response) and security of infrastructure, people and amenities. The platform will be able to alert authorities in case of potential threats to people and critical infrastructures. The platform will increase accuracy and productivity of organizations and reduce costs by automating cyber surveillance involving minimal human involvement.


I am a Professor of Distributed Systems in the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Derby, UK. I have been working on various collaborative projects with CERN Geneva Switzerland for the last fourteen years. My areas of research include Distributed and Parallel Systems, Cloud Computing and scalable methods to mine large and complex datasets. I have been part of the EC funded projects in Grids/Clouds such as Health-e-Child (IP, FP6), neuGrid (STREP, FP7) and TRANSFORM (IP, FP7) where I have been dealing with resource management of large scale systems, performance monitoring and optimization, data mining and service orchestration. I have been granted a three year project (two plus one year) from Technology Strategy Board, UK which will capture video streams from live cameras and then using machine learning algorithms will process these videos in a cloud environment for security and surveillance domains. I have also been working with a leading Pharma company to investigate an in- memory clinical and genomics data analytics platform across distributed data centres for optimizing the drug discovery processes and reducing the operational costs. I am a European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) Champion, the general chair for the 8th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2015) and the programme chair for the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) being held in Shanghai, china in December 2016.