Rana Hammad Raza


Title Smartening up with advanced vision

Computer vision scientists teach machines how and what they see, like we humans do. Having deep rooted linkage with artificial intelligence, computer vision includes various aspects of perception, learning, knowledge representation and decision making. With commodity high definition vision sensors there is an outburst of raw visual data that leads to an ever growing need to establish robust object recognition and contextualize stuff. In the recent past, vision applications have transformed at a breakneck speed by the rise of deep learning and is changing the way we live and interact. Exponential increase in computing power and network speeds have further empowered large scale vision solutions set-to-work in more effective manner. In this era of fourth industrial revolution, now is just the beginning of advanced vision. Today, vision with machine learning is well positioned to lead this technological revolution. In this talk, Dr Raza will apprise the audience on vision related, latest trends, smart applications, intelligent system fusions and possible future opportunities.


Dr Raza has been working in academia and industry for more than 12 years. He has completed his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Michigan State University (MSU), Michigan, USA in 2013. He is a recipient of prestigious US Fulbright scholarship, MSU Graduate Excellence fellowship and various other awards including HEC Indigenous fellowship. He has also worked at Exploratory Computer Vision Group, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, New York, USA. He is on technical review panel of impact factor journals and established conferences and has been an invited speaker at reputable venues. He is a founding director of Video Analytics Lab at National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi. His broader areas of interest are situation awareness, activity and behavior recognition, real time location systems and medical imaging. He also likes exploring sensor fusion and acoustic fingerprinting in underwater systems. He has got publications in renowned journals and conferences. In addition to working on core research and post graduate teaching and mentoring, he has a passion of incorporating STEM education in K-12 grades and comes with more than 5 years of teaching experience in USA.