Andrew Ware

Title An AI Enabled System for the Appraisal of Risk Assessments

Worldwide, maintaining the health and safety of construction workers is a major problem. For example, in the UK construction industry alone, an ongoing unacceptable average of nearly 39 people are killed each year and countless others seriously injured. To help reduce the risks, various countries have adopted a range of methodologies and approaches to help foresee potential problems and put in place measures to mitigate against them. In the United Kingdom, Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) are widely used as a means of helping to manage construction work and to help ensure that the necessary precautions have been communicated to those involved. RAMS are reviewed by various people in the chain-of-command of a construction project before being signed off. However, this review process is not without significant issues. One of these issues is the inconsistent understanding, review, development and dissemination of the RAMS. To overcome some of the problems associated with review of RAMS a tripartite partnership between Aurora International Consulting, IBM Watson, and the University of South Wales, are developing an Artificial Intelligence enabled RAMS review system that helps facilitate ‘textbook’ safety review every time. A fully functioning version of the prototype has the potential to revolutionize safety in the industry worldwide. Through the development of the prototype, it has been demonstrated that IBM Watson technologies provide a suitable tool kit to facilitate the analysis of the textual information held in RAMS. The talk will centre on explaining the problems faced and overcome in the development of the prototype Artificial Intelligence enabled RAMS review system and articulate the road map for future developments.


Andrew Ware is Professor of Computing at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. His research interest centre on the use of intelligent computer systems to help solve real world problems. Andrew is currently working on AI related projects with a number of industrial and commercial partners that include Tata Steel, National Health Service Wales Informatics Service, Wye Education, and Aurora International Consulting. Professor Ware teaches various computer related courses including artificial intelligence, data mining and computer programming. Moreover, Andrew has successfully supervised more than thirty PhD students and has been an active participant in a number of international research and teaching projects. Andrew is a Regional Director of Techno Camps, an innovative and ambitious project that seeks to engage young people with computing and its cognate subjects.