Sohail Asghar

Title Data Science Landscape in 2019

We are in an age where we are crunching data more than before. Data Science is an art of transforming into value. The amount of data that is being generated is at an enormous pace and at an outstanding level. This data is of little value if it is not mined, refined and harvested. Here comes the role of Data Science, which extract, model the data to inform decision making in a proactive and systematic fashion that can be generalized and becomes profitable for industry. This process involves utilization of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Statistical Methods. More and more advancements are rapidly being made in this technical, revolutionary world, and ultimately, this has led us to give an effort to paint a picture of a data science landscape in 2019. With the advancement in technology along with the 4 th Industrial revolution, everything can be achieved by just sitting in the comfort of your bedrooms.


Currently, Dr. Sohail is working as Professor & Chairman of Computer Science at COMSATS University Islamabad. In 2011 he joined as a Director of the University Institute of Information Technology, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. Previously, in 1994, he graduated with honors in Computer Science from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. He then received his PhD from Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University, Melbourne Australia in 2006. Professor Sohail has taught and researched in Data Mining (including structural Learning, Classification, and Privacy Preservation in Data Ming, Text and Web Mining), Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Information Technology areas, and he has published extensively (More than 150 publications) in international journals as well as conference proceedings. Professor Sohail is in the Editorial Team of well reputed Scientific Journals. He has also served as Program Committee member of numerous International Conferences and regularly speaks at international conferences, seminars and workshops.