Kamran Munir

Title Neuroscience Patient Identification Using Big Data and Fuzzy Logic - An Alzheimer’s Disease Case Study

Exceptional increase in the generation and availability of clinical and neuroimaging data sets has forced the advancements in data processing infrastructures and analysis applications. These massive amounts of heterogeneous data, which are accumulated both in real-time and over decades, are usually extremely critical for diagnostics and decision-making. In the medical domain, various e-infrastructures are offering a suite of services for neuroanalyses worldwide. Due to such developments, massive amount of data is being continuously and anonymously shared by the hospitals and research centers to constitute the foundations of brain disease analyses, such as Alzheimer. However, such increase in the volume, variety and velocity of neuroimaging datasets, and ever increasing knowledge complexity in medical research, puts neuroscientists under sever difficulties in data integration, data linking and in performing analyses. This talk will focus on the work needed to analyse neuroscience datasets for decision-making, the storage of these datasets and metadata along with several pre-computed parameters in a big data repository. Moreover, enabling such an end-to-end big data analyses mechanism, it requires building of various services that must perform all data ingest, prepare, transform and publish operations to support analyses. Furthermore, the patient identification using big data and Fuzzy Logic will be discussed, which can be achieved through fuzzy processing. It can enable patients’ sorting for a particular intensity of Alzheimer’s disease, short-term estimation of the progression of that disease and context of individual patients with respect to other patients such as appropriate treatment, estimated life expectancy etc.


Dr Kamran Munir is Associate Professor in Data Science, in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies (CSCT) at the University of the West of England (UWE), United Kingdom (UK). Dr. Munir's funded research projects are in the areas of Data Science, Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality mainly funded by the European Commission (EC), Innovate UK and British Council. In the past, he has contributed to the various CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and EC funded projects e.g. CERN WISDOM, EC Health-e-Child and EC neuGRID4You (N4U) in which he led the Joint Research Area and the development of Data Atlas/Analysis Base, Big Data Integration and Information Services. Dr Munir has published a number of research articles; and he is a regular PC member and editor of various conferences and journals. Dr Munir's role also includes the leadership/production of Computer Science and Data/Information Science degree courses in collaboration with the industry such as Big Data, Data Science, Cloud Computing and Information Practitioner. He also enjoys frequent collaborations with graduates, including the conduct of collaborative work with the UK industry and has a number of successful MPhil & PhD theses supervisions.