Sidra Jalil

Title Bridging the Gender Gap: Pakistani Women in Tech Space

Since women in tech and their empowerment is a hot topic these days and very close to my heart, i'd like to speak about 'Bridging the Gender Gap: Pakistani Women in Tech Space'. It will be a discussion on women in tech space till date, gaps and major hurdles in the industry, opportunities for women to excel at local and global as well as some mentions of Govt and Private sector lead initiatives. Apart from this i would like to discuss a few case studies who made their ways to employers like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc as well as the female only and lead team who are doing wonders in the domain of education, transportation, health and Agri etc.


Sidra Jalil is a Community Builder, a tech graduate with strong expertise in the domain of Marketing, Research and Communication. She has been working in the industry primarily with Technology and Social Sector for over 13 years in a diverse domain and last 8 years particularly with Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Pakistan both as an Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur. She has worked with Code for Pakistan and volunteering for OPEN Islamabad and Internet Society, Islamabad Chapter as their Vice President where she organizes workshops, Special Interest Group around startup problems, networking events, motivational talks and forums to address startup issues. She is also the first and only female Ambassador of AngelHack in Pakistan. She is a blogger, internet marketer, motivational speaker and a socially active person with keen interest in community work.