Muhammad Kheam Khan

Title Digital Disruption – Stories from the Brave New World

The past couple of hundred years have been an interesting era for the human race which have been highlighted by periodic technological revolutions. Steam engine, iron and textiles spurred the first industrial revolution. The second industrial revolution centered around steel, petroleum, chemicals and electricity. We are living the third industrial revolution now, also known as the digital revolution, which is governed by bits and bytes, connected devices, communication, E-Commerce, AI/ML, IOT, robots, digital economies and smart manufacturing. Industries and business models are undergoing transformation and our lives are being changed at an unprecedented rate. In this talk, we will discuss different aspects of this digital revolution and how it has disrupted our lives. From Diginomics to spending patterns of consumers in the digital world, from social networking and how it impacts a single user’s life to how its manipulation can swing entire public opinions, from changing business models to changing national agendas, from the marvels of technology to its perils and pitfalls, from how old ways are giving way to the new – we will use stories, numbers and statistics to get a glimpse of the digital disruption that we see around us everyday and visualize what the future holds for us.


Kheam is Co-Founder & Director at Keystone Consulting, an IT start up specializing in the implementation of Oracle cloud applications. Prior to co-founding Keystone, Kheam was part of Oracle Pakistan for 7 years where he worked in various sales roles ranging from selling Oracle Technology products to On-premise Applications to Cloud Services. In his latest role, Kheam was responsible for the sales of Oracle’s Customer Experience Product Portfolio in Pakistan. Prior to Oracle, Kheam has worked with other multinationals like Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks and has also served large Pakistani Organizations like Pakistan Telecom Mobile (Ufone) and National Database Registration Authority. He has worked in a diverse set of business fields in these organizations and has gathered a wide area of knowledge and expertise in the domains of Services Sales, Project Management, Field Service Management and Networks. Kheam did his MBA degree from Lancaster University, UK as a Commonwealth Scholar and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the GIK Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology, Pakistan