Faiza Allah Bukhsh

Title Process Mining : A data science perspective of business process management

Nowadays, the amount of data generated is growing enormously. The exponential growth of data is challenging for Scientists. Big question is how to extract real value from data by keeping in view 4V’s of data: volume, velocity (rapid changes),variety(a lot of types of data), veracity(cannot be sure data is accurate, uncertainty). The problem becomes more difficult, when the data represents process. In this case, a data scientist is able to collect, analyze, and interpret data from a variety of sources by posing four generic questions,
• what happened,
• why did it happen,
• what will happen,
• what is the best that can happen?
Process mining is a skill that helps to answer above questions. In a dataset representing processes, in the end it is the process that matters (not the data or the software) and not just patterns and decisions, but end-to-end processes. Improvement of these end-to-end processes by inter playing between event data and process models is the focus of process mining. The talk focuses on this view of process mining.”


Dr. Faiza is an Assistant Professor in the Data Science research group at the University of Twente. She has been involved in a variety of research projects from the information management domain namely Privacy and data sharing: Viable policy development, Learning from Incidents and Extended Single Window. Moreover, Faiza had worked on numerous process mining-related projects for industry partners including KPN, Vodaphone and Philips. Her research revolves around the use of event-driven intelligent techniques such as process mining to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the information compliance while keeping in view normative auditing and Privacy concerns. Previously, she was a Post-Doc researcher and lecturer at the Service, Cybersecurity and Safety research group at the University of Twente. She also served as a lecturer at Saxion University of Applied sciences. The Netherlands. Faiza has received her Ph.D. degree from Tilburg University, where she worked with Information systems research group. Her Ph.D. work was mainly focused on utilizing ontological norms and process mining algorithms for compliance checking purposes.