Accepted Paper List

Accepted Papers

Paper Id Paper Title Author(s)
71 A Flexible SLA Negotiation Strategy For Cloud Computing Irfan Muhammad Khan, Khurrum Mustafa Abbasi, Irfan Ul Haq, Asad Hanif and Altaf Ahmad Huqqani.
114 Realization of Time Delayed-Wavelength Multiplexed Optical Code Division Multiple Access System Waqas Ahmed Imtiaz and Hilal Ahmad.
160 Where to Kill the Cyber Kill-Chain: A Data-Driven Approach for IoT Security Analytics Mujahid Mohsin and Zahid Anwar.
194 Architectural Enhancement of Leon3 Processor For Real Time and Feedback Applications Zohaib Najam, Muhammad Najam Dar, Shaheryar Najam, Muhammad Yasir Qadri and Jameel Ahmed.
199 ANN-Based Data Mining For Better Resource Management in the Next Generation Wireless Networks Muhammad . Ahsan Latif and Muhammad Adnan.
222 Cloud to Cloudlet - An Intelligent Recommendation System for Efficient Resources Management: Mobile Cache Asad Waqar Malik, Ahmad Ahsan and Muhammad Haseeb.
237 Multi Path Multi Priority (MPMP) Scalable Video Streaming for Mobile Applications Sajid Nazir and Mohammad Kaleem.
293 On the Field Level Loss of a VHT PPDU in MIMO-OFDM System for WiFi Direct 802.11ac WLAN Gul Zameen Khan, Ruben Gonzalez, Xin-Wen Wu and Eun-Chan Park.
313 Understanding the Design Space of a Software Defined WiFi Network Testbed Tausif Zahid, Xiaojun Hei and Wenqing Cheng.
321 A simple, fast and near optimal approximation algorithm for optimization of un-weighted minimum vertex cover Muhammad Fayaz.
355 A Three Stage Load Sharing Routing Algorithm to Increase lifetime of Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks Arslan Haider and Syeda Shaima Sani.
54 Coin Recognition with Reduced Feature Set SIFT Algorithm Using Neural Network Ghulam Farooque, Allah Bux Sargano, Imran Shafi and Waqar Ali.
80 Real-Time Smart Activity Monitoring System Using Skeleton Joints Information And Depth Silhouettes Ahmad Jalal and Adnan Farooq.
108 Computer Aided System for Leukocytes Classification and Segmentation in Blood Smear Images Muhammad Sajjad, Siraj Khan, Muhammad Shoaib, Hazrat Ali, Zahoor Jan, Khan Muhammad and Irfan Mehmood.
167 Boosting the Accuracy of AdaBoost for Object Detection and Recognition Zahid Mahmood, Muhammad Nazeer, Muhammad Arif, Imran Shahzad, Fahad Khan, Mazhar Ali, Uzair Khan and Samee U. Khan.
186 p2pHT: A Point to Point Hough Transform Muhammad U. K. Khan and Abdul Bais.
216 Ensemble sparse classification of colon cancer Saima Rathore, Muhammad Aksam Iftikhar and Mehdi Hassan.
221 Learning on Probabilistic Modelling using Grassmann Manifolds Muhammad Ali and Junbin Gao.
252 Crowd Video Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks Atika Burney and Tahir Qasim Syed.
273 Scene Completion using Top-1 Similar Image Romana Talat, Muhammad Muzammal and Imran Siddiqi.
311 Using ANN for Multi-view Activity Recognition in Indoor Environment Shaheena Noor and Vali Uddin.
120 Beyond Linear Control Approaches – Sliding Mode Control of Flexible Robotic Manipulator Owais Khan, Ateeq Ur Rehman and Mahmood Pervaiz.
122 Adaptive 3D- Virtual Learning Environments: From Students Learning Perspective Aftab Alam and Sehat Ullah.
148 Optimal Controller Design for Self-balancing Two-wheeled Robot System Haris Sheh Zad, Abasin Ulasyar, Adil Zohaib and Syed Shahzad Hussain.
203 Coverage Control Algorithm for Node Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks Muhammad Uzair Khan, Sarmad Feroze and Muhammad Zia.
212 MPC and H-infinity Based Feedback Control of Non-Linear Robotic Manipulator Muhammad Imran Ullah, Syed Ali Ajwad, Muhammad Irfan and Jamshed Iqbal.
250 Optimal Path Planning for Mobile Robots Using Memory Efficient A* Iram Noreen, Amna Khan and Zulfiqar Habib.
262 Towards Formalism of Earthquake Detection and Disaster Reduction using WSANs Hamra Afzaal and Nazir Zafar.
263 Analysis of Co-Channel Interference in VANETs under Nakagami-m Fading Furqan Jameel, Farhana Jabeen and Zara Hamid.
277 Analysis of Positioning Uncertainty in Vehicular Environment Abdul Bais and Yasser Morgan.
300 Classification of Expert-Novice Level of Mobile Game Players using Electroencephalography Syed Anwar, Sanay Saeed and Muhammad Majid.
306 Coverage Path Planning of Mobile Robots using Rational Quadratic Bézier Spline Amna Khan, Iram Noreen and Zulfiqar Habib.
326 Grey Box Modeling of Lateral Dynamics of a UAV using System Identification Method Jabran Ahsan, Mansoor Ahsan, Ahsan Ali and Anis Jamil.
361 Development of a low cost and light weight UAV for photogrammetry and precision land mapping using aerial imagery Abdullah Tariq and Syed Osama Ahmed Gillani.
365 Short Term Earthquake Prediction in Hindukush using Tree based Ensemble Learning Khawaja Asim, Adnan Idris, Francisco Martínez-Álvarez and Talat Iqbal.
100 A Pattern Reconfigurable Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Fidelity applications Sajid Aqeel, Rizwan Khan, Aftab Ahmad, Owais Owais and Jawad Saleem.
144 Effective Classification of EEG Signals using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Umar I. Awan, U.H. Rajput, Ghazaal Syed Muhammad, Ifra Sabat, Rimsha Iqbal and Mansoor M..
144 Effective Classification of EEG Signals using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm Umar I. Awan, U.H. Rajput, Ghazaal Syed Muhammad, Ifra Sabat, Rimsha Iqbal and Mansoor M..
152 An Advanced DSP Algorithm for Music-less Audio Stream Generation Munaza Razzaq, Mehmoona Gul, Zunaib Ali, Yasir Malik and Qurat.Ul.Ain.
170 Analysis of Carrier Frequency Offset, its Distribution and its Impact on efficiency of Multicarrier Spread Spectrum Techniques Kashif Iqbal, Junaid Ahmed and Atifa Rafique.
197 A High Performance Real-time FGPA-based Interferometry Sensor Architecture Tassadaq Hussain, Usman Zabit, Saqib Amin, Faysal Kamran, Oliver Bernal and Thierry Bosch.
236 TUTGNSS- An Approach to Provide Baseband Signal Processing of Galileo E5 AltBOC Signal Khaled Altuwairgi, Irfan Ali, Subhan Khan and Noman Naeem.
312 FPGA based Processing of Speckle Affected Self-Mixing Interferometric Signals Saqib Amin, Tassadaq Hussain and Usman Zabit.
347 Landmark based Audio Fingerprinting for Naval Vessels Muhammad Abdur Rehman Hashmi and Rana Hammad Raza.
86 THD Analysis of Reduced Switch Five Level Inverter using Multicarrier PWM Schemes Muhammad Arif, Madiha Sultan, Jawad Saleem and Abdul Majid.
96 Analysis of HV Plasma Corona Reactor Treatment System for Industrial Waste Water Nayab Pervez, Abdur Rashid and Adil Habib.
131 Impact Quantification of Demand Response Uncertainty on Unit Commitment of Microgrids Akhtar Hussain, Van-Hai Bui and Hak-Man Kim.
142 Takagie-Sugeno Fuzzy logic based speed control of Induction Motor Neelofar Shaukat, Bilal Khan, Chaudhary Arshad Mehmood and S. M. Ali.
158 High Performance Computing (HPC) Model for Smart Distributed Power Networks Umair Younas, Bilal Khan, Sahibzada Ali and Alfredo Vaccaro.
174 Exact Feedback Linearization and Decouple Control of Doubly Fed Induction Generator based Wind Turbine Babar Azeem and Faisal Rehman.
178 Control of Grid Interfaced Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) using Adaptive SMC along with LVRT Enhancement Faisal Rehman and Babar Azeem.
352 Voltage Quality Index Based Method to Quantify the Advantages of Optimal DG Placement Mohsin Shahzad, Wolfgagn Gawlik and Peter Palensky.
38 Teaching and Learning Object-oriented System and Design with 3D Game Irum Inayat, Rooh Ul Amin and Zubaria Inayat.
73 Regression Test Suite Optimization using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Aftab Haider.
90 On Test Patterns for Cloud Applications Sidra Siddiqui and Tamim Khan.
113 SCRUM Adoption: A Solution for Backlog Problems Nosheen Khan, Naveed Ikram and Salma Imtiaz.
130 Identification of Suspicious User Groups on Twitter Using Deep Learning Ramsha Saeed, Misbah Hanif, Jawairia Ahmed, Sobia Khalid and Sidra Ejaz.
176 Transformation of Activity Diagram into Coloured Petri Nets Using Weighted Directed Graph Maryam Jamal and Nazir Ahmad Zafar.
185 Modeling e-Business Customization with e3value Modeling Faiza Allah Bukhsh and Patrício De Alencar Silva.
192 Concurrent Algorithms in SPIN Model Checker M. Saqib Nawaz, Hussam Ali and M. Ikramullah Lali.
270 A Distributed Testing Model based on Scenarios for Software Applications Mirza Aamir Mehmood, Azhar Mahmood, Muhammad Naeem Ahmed Khan and Shaheen Khatoon.
298 Cross Platform Bug Correlation Using Stack Traces Maryam Abdul Ghafoor and Junaid Haroon Siddiqui.
334 Test-suite Prioritisation by Application Navigation Tree Mining Muhammad Muzammal.
85 Admission Criteria in Pakistani Universities: A Case Study Zafar Iqbal, Junaid Qadir and Adnan Noor.
112 Poshida II, A Multi Group Distributed peer to peer Protocol for Private Web Search Mohib Ullah, Rafiullah Khan and Muhammad Arshad Islam.
226 Evolving the taxonomy based on hierarchical clustering approach Rabia Irfan and Sharifullah Khan.
251 Comparative Study of Discretization Methods on the Performance of Associative Classifiers Zulfiqar Ali and Waseem Shahzad.
296 BookOnt: A Comprehensive Book Structural Ontology for Book Search and Retrieval Asim Ullah, Irfan Ullah, Shah Khusro and Shaukat Ali.
307 Job Description Ontology Nabeel Ahmed, Sharifullah Khan and Khalid Latif.
318 Mobile-based Intelligent Transportation for Bus Commuters based on Twitter Analytics Tariq Mahmood, Ghulam Mujtaba, Liyana Shuib, Nikkishah Zulfiqar Ali, Amir Bawa and Saima Karim.
319 A Rough Set Based Feature Selection Approach using Random Feature Vectors Muhammad Summair Raza and Usman Qamar.
345 Home energy management using multi agent system for web based grids Danish Mahmood, Nadeem Javaid and Manzoor Ilahi.
360 Using Distributional Semantics for Automatic Taxonomy Induction Bushra Zafar, Michael Cochez and Usman Qamar.
367 An Empirical Investigation of PageRank and its Variants for Ranking Pages on the Web Fayyaz Ali, Irfan Ullah and Shah Khusro.

PhD Symposium

Paper Id Paper Title Author(s)
143 Application of Complex Hadamard Transform Dur-E-Jabeen, S. M. Ghazanfar Monir and Vali Uddin.
154 Fault Detection and Fault Tolerant Control Schemes for Renewable Energy Systems Zulfiqar Khalid and Tariq Mirza Hamayoun.
224 Research Paper Recommendation Using Bibliographic Coupling Proximity Analysis Raja Habib and Muhammad Tanvir Afzal.
227 Robust image forgery detection and localization using texture information Muhammad Khurshid Asghar, Muhammad Husssain and Zulfiqar Habib.
245 Robust Video Forgery Detection and Localization using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Mubbashar Saddique, Usama Ijaz Bajwa and Zulfiqar Habib.
255 OntoDocRel-CBS: Ontology for modelling Content based Document Similarity Measures Qamar Mahmood, Muhammad Abdul Qadir and Muhammad Tanvir Afzal.
266 Global Higher Education Institution’s Data Mining Using the Linked Open Data Muhammad Sajid Qureshi and Ali Daud.
302 Formalization of Use Case Model Qamar Uz Zaman, Aamer Nadeem and Muddassar Sindhu.
317 Development of Meta-Taxonomy and Heuristics for E-Learning at Early Education Sadia Ashraf and Tamim Khan.
317 Development of Meta-Taxonomy and Heuristics for E-Learning at Early Education Sadia Ashraf and Tamim Khan.
332 Sponsored Search Prediction in Online Advertising Naveed Ahmad, Ali Daud and Tehmina Amjad.
338 Intercell Interference Management in LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks Ahmad Mudassir.
349 Community Detection In Complex Networks Using Modularity Density Based Multi-Agent Genetic Algorithm Bisma Khan and Muaz Niazi.
363 GRAND: GRaph based Author Name Disambiguation framework Ijaz Hussain and Sohail Asghar.
369 Unsupervised Aspect Extraction from Large-scale data Muhammad Taimoor Khan, Shehzad Khalid and Furqan Aziz.
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