Accepted Paper List

Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Author(s)
12 Design of an Efficient Single-Stage and 2-stages Class-E Power Amplifier (2.4GHz) for Internet-of-Things Ayyaz Ali, Syed Waqas Haider Shah, Khalid Iqbal
19 Automated Feature Synthesis From Relational Database For Data Science Related Problems Afifa Fatima, Faizan Ali Khan, Aneeq Raza, Abdul Basit Kamran
21 Design of New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Symmetrical DC-Voltage Source Maham Fatima, Umer Shahid
24 Color Image Enhancement using Multiscale Retinex with Guided Filter Haleema Sadia, Fazal Azeem, Hidayat Ullah, Zahid Mahmood, Shahid Khattak, Gul Zameen Khan
36 Heuristic Path-Reconfiguration Algorithm using Multi-Hop Opportunistic Routing in WSNs Muhammad Asad and Muhammad Aslam
37 Support Vector Machine and Gaussian Process Regression based Modeling for Photovoltaic Power Prediction Sidra Kanwal, Bilal Khan, Sahibzada Muhammad Ali, Chaudhry Arshad Mehmood, and Muhammad Qasim Rauf
43 A Fog-Assisted Architecture to Support an Evolving Hospitality Industry in Smart Cities Prasanna Kansakar, Arslan Munir, and Neda Shabani
47 Internet Traffic Analysis of an Educational Network using Bro IDS Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq, Muhammad Amir Mehmood
58 Model Identification and Control of a Lab Based Inverted Pendulum System Using Robust Control Technique Anila Barkat, Athar Hanif, and Mirza Tariq Hamayun
59 Video Retrieval System Using Parallel Multi-Class Recurrent Neural Network Based on Video Description Saira Jabeen, Gulraiz Khan, Humza Naveed, Zeeshan Khan and Usman Ghani Khan
67 Modeling of Graph-based Smart Parking System using Internet of Things Saba Latif, Hamra Afzaal, Nazir Ahmad Zafar
80 Unsupervised Event Detection and On-Off Pairing Approach Applied to NILM Arfa Yasin, Shoab Ahmed Khan
83 Robust Sliding Mode Speed Control of Vehicle Engine System Muhammad Jamshed Abbas, Haris Sheh Zad, Muhammad Awais, Ali Waqar
85 An Optimized R-MESHJOIN Algorithm Using Parallel Data Retrieval and Join Operation Imtiaz Bibi, Muhammad Summair Raza
87 Dynamic Testing of C Program Interfaces based on FSM modeling Muhammad Sajjad, Muhammad Wasim, Muzammil Shahbaz, Kashif Saghar, and Usman Ghani Khan
90 E-HOSA: Extended-Hybrid Optical Switch Architecture for Cloud Computing Data Centers Samina Lone, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Imran
92 Elective Learning Objects Group Recommendation Using Non-Cooperative Game Theory Asad Zia and Muhammad Usman
103 A Supervised Machine Learning Based Approach for Automatically Extracting High-Level Threat Intelligence from Unstructured Sources Yumna Ghazi, Zahid Anwar, Rafia Mumtaz, Shahzad Saleem and Ali Tahir
104 Cross Lingual Speech Emotion Recognition: Urdu vs. Western Languages Siddique Latif, Adnan Qayyum, Muhammad Usman, and Junaid Qadir
110 State of art techniques for social influence analysis: A systematic literature review Sadia Majeed, Usman Qamar, Aftab Farooq
116 Robust Spatio-Temporal Features for Human Interaction Recognition via Artificial Neural Network Ahmad Jalal , Maria Mahmood, and M. A. Sidduqi
118 An Experimental Tool for Search-based Mutation Testing Muhammad Bilal Bashir, Aamer Nadeem
127 Optimized Pricing & Scheduling Model for Long range Autonomous Valet Parking Muhammad Khalid, Yue Cao, Nauman Aslam, Chakkaphong Suthaputchakun, Muhammad Arshad & Waqar Khalid
141 Techno-Economic Study of Electricity Generation from Wind at Kallar-Kahar Region in Pakistan Tanvir Ahmed, Mazhar Ali, Dawar Awan
142 Reconfigurable Communication Network: A Case Study on Southwest Offshore Wind Farm South Korea Shahid Hussain, Qasim Jan
147 Enhanced Secure Mechanism for VM Migration in Clouds Kanwal Janjua, Waris Ali
149 Intelligent Speed Controller Design for Brushless DC Motor Abasin Ulasyar, Haris Sheh Zad, Adil Zohaib
150 Enhancement of Visible Light Communication Transceiver using LDPC codes Arslan Khalid, Mehmood Ahmed, Nesruminallah Khan, Assad Ali
151 Mesh of SSVEP-based BCI and Eye-tracker for use of higher frequency stimuli and lower number of EEG channels Abdul Saboor, Mihaly Benda, Aya Rezeika, Roland Grichnik, Felix Gembler, Piotr Stawicki, Ivan Volosyak
153 Wearable Sensor-Based Human Behavior Understanding and Recognition in Daily Life for Smart Enviroments Ahmad Jalal, Majid Ali Khan Quaid, and Abdul S. Hasan
155 Efficient Lightweight Encryption Algorithm for Smart Video Applications Amna Shifa, Mamoona Naveed Asghar, Naila Batool, Martin Fluery
156 Tuning free DPC for ETO-based MMC-HVDC system with unbalance fault-ride-through capability Ahmad Kamal, Abdul Basit
157 Congestion Control Through Dynamic Access Class Barring for Bursty MTC Traffic in Future Cellular Networks Syed Waqas Haider Shah, Ahmad Talal Riaz, Khalid Iqbal
158 Solution of Economic Load Dispatch Problem by Modified Whales Optimization Algorithm Muhammad Usama Malik, Aftab Ahmad
159 Nonlinear Autoregressive with Exogenous Input Controller for Semi Active Suspension of Heavy Truck Salman Zafar, Imran Shafi, Raja Amir Azim
164 Integration of Speech/ Music Discrimination and Mood Classification with Audio Feature Extraction Mohsin Ashraf, Geng Guo Hua, Farooq Ahmad
165 Empirical evaluation of formation control scheme based on artificial potential fields for a team of nonholonomic mobile robots Abdullah Bin Azhar, Muhammad Bilal Kadri
167 APEnergy: Application Profile-based Energy-efficient Framework for SaaS Clouds Basit Qureshi, Anis Koubaa
175 UWB Circular Monopole Antenna with Fractal Slots for Triple Band-Notch Characteristics Kiran Nadeem, Zeeshan Ahmed, Iram Nadeem, Ferdows B. Zarrabi, Khurram Saleem Alimgeer
183 Anti-Phishing Models for Mobile Application Development: A Review Paper Javaria Khalid, Maliha Maryam, Rabiya Jalil, Maida Khalid
191 A recommendation system using interviewers preferences for ranked candidate selection Shiza Hammad, Shabbir Ahmed, Muhammad Azeem Abbas, Iqra Abbasi, and Muhammad Taha Jilani
193 Single and Three-Phase Cascaded Switch-Ladder Multilevel Inverter Using Novel and ANDED PWM technique Malik Muhammad Zaid, Muhammad Usama Malik
195 STIXGEN - A novel framework for Automatic Generation of Structured Cyber Threat Information Zafar Iqbal, Zahid Anwar, Rafia Mumtaz
202 A Systematic Literature Review: Software Requirements Prioritization Techniques Muhammad Sufian, Zirak Khan, Saad Rehman, Wasi Haider
203 A Framework for the Logical Modeling of Data Warehouse Systems Using UML Extension Mechanism Sarah Kaleem
204 Integrated Security Model for Managing the Security Non-Functional Requirements at Architectural Design of Internet-Based Systems Muhammad Babar, Shahid Azeem, Fahim Arif, and Waseem Iqbal
207 Historical Manuscript Dating using Textural Measures Anmol Hamid, Maryam Bibi, Imran Siddiqi, Momina Moetesum
208 Developing Smart Phone based Early Intervention for Intellectually Disable Children of Pakistan: A Conceptual Framework Tahreem Yasir
210 Comparing spectrum based fault localisation against test-to-code traceability links? Gulsher Laghari, Kamran Dahri, Serge Demeyer
211 Prevention of Timing Attack in Software Defined Named Data Networks Based VANETs Ahmad Arsalan, Rana Asif Rehman
212 Detection and Resolving WSN issues with the use of Data Mining & Intelligent Algorithms Mohsin Ashraf, Geng Guo Hua, Xiaofeng Wang, Farooq Ahmad
214 Security Requirements Engineering: A Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems Shafiq ur Rehman, Christopher Allgaier, Volker Gruhn
216 Real time fixed point adaptive chaotic system generator for deep brain stimulation using FPGA Syed Aamir Ali Shah, Lei Zhang, Abdul Bais
217 Fitness-based Acceleration Coefficients to Enhance the Convergence Speed of Novel Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Yasir Mehmood, Marium Sadiq, Waseem Shahzad, and Faryal Amin
222 Efficient Resource Utilization in Cloud-Fog Environment Integrated with Smart Grids Junaid Akram, Zeeshan Najam, Arslan Rafi
225 Integrating Risk Management in Scrum Framework Muhammad Hammad, Irum Inayat
229 Performance Comparison of Chunk/Peer Scheduling Algorithms of Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems S. Saddam Hussain Shah, Naina Said, Aysha Nayab, Waleed Khan, Zaryab Ali Shinwari, M. Jawad, Nasru Minallah
235 Towards Formal Modeling of Hotspot Issue by Watch-Man Nodes in Wireless Sensor and Actor Network Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Sana Yasin, Umair Waqas
238 Priority-based Routing Protocol using Congestion-free path in Wireless Body Area Networks Khalid M. Awan, Nadeem Ashraf, DR Adebanjo Adekiigbe, Asim Zeb
239 CUIF: Control of Useless Interests Flooding in Vehicular Named Data Networks Muhammad Usman Tahir and Rana Asif Rehman
240 Efficient Utilization of Energy by using Fog and Cloud Based Integrated Environment in Smart Grid Ayesha Anjum Butt, Nadeem Javaid, Sakeena Javaid
244 A Framework for Cardboard based Augmented Reality Syed Rameez Rehman and Shahzad Rasool
249 Analyzing excessive user feedback: A big data challenge Faiza Allah Bukhsh, Jeewanie Jayasinghe Arachchige, Furqan Malik
252 Lexicon and Heuristics Based Approach for Identification of Emotion in Text Junaid Akram, Arsalan Tahir
253 Lung Cancer Detection using Bilinear Convolution Neural Network Taimur Zahid, Maiza Razzaq, Simra Waheed, Hunble Dhillon, Maryam Bashir
263 Enhanced Adaptive Geographic Opportunistic Routing with Interference Avoidance Assisted with Mobile Sinks for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Talha Naeem Qureshi, Nadeem Javaid
271 Generating Abstractive Summaries Using Sequence to Sequence Attention Model Tooba Siddiqui and Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi
281 From Traditional to Technologically Influenced Audit : A Compliance Perspective Faiza Allah Bukhsh, Patricio de Alencar Silva, Bilal Allah Bukhsh, Sumaiya Syed
288 Security for Machine Learning-based Systems: Attacks and Challenges during Training and Inference Faiq Khalid, Muhammad Abdullah Hanif, Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique
292 AquaEye: A Low Cost Flood Early Warning System for Developing Countries Rizwan Hamid Randhawa, Rashid Mahmood and Tahir Ahmad
295 Power Management Techniques in Popular Operating Systems for IoT Devices Rizwan Hamid Randhawa, Adeel Ahmed and Muhammad Ibrahim Siddiqui
307 Functionality, Performance, and Compatibility Testing: A Model Based Approach Najam us Saqib and Sara Shahzad
308 Object Size Measurement through Images: An Application to Measuring Human Foot Size Muhammad Ahmad Shahid, Muhammad Aksam Iftikhar, Zaheer Ahmad Gondal, Saima Rathore, Muhammad Adnan
314 Wastewater treatment method selection for pulp and paper industry Tanzila Younas, Nasreen Bano, Warisha Zafar, and Usama Qadir
330 Mitigation and improving SHA-1 Standard Using Collision Detection Approach Zeyad Al-Odat, Mazhar Ali, Samee U. Khan
331 The Control of Various Channels Water Flows Department of Mathematics Talat Nazir
332 Floodplain Mapping of Sukkur-Kotri Reach Using HEC-RAS and ArcGIS Saba Zehra, Sheeba Afsar

PhD Symposium

Paper ID Title Author(s)
304 A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Optimal Building to Grid Power Flow Control Obaid Ur Rehman, Shahid Ahmad Khan, Nadeem Javaid
315 BCALS-An Immutable Audit Log Management System Empowered with Semantics Ahmad Ali, Mansoor Ahmed, Abid Khan
317 Towards Quantum Secure Cryptocurrencies Furqan Shahid, , Abid Khan
318 Investigation of metadata combinations with Co-citation to Identify Relevant Papers Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal
319 Comprehensive Analysis of Physical Layout Features, Logical Layout Features and Machine Learning Approaches for the Extraction of structural Components and Metadata of PDF-based Research Articles. Raja Muhammad Waqas Ahmed, Dr. Muhammad Tanvir Afzal
320 Significance of Trend in Scientific Research Lubna Zafar, Muhammad Arshad Islam
321 Tweet Location Predictions Sajjad Haider, M Tanvir Afzal
324 Privacy-Preserving XACML based Access Control Model (PP-AC) for EHRs in Hybrid cloud Tehsin Kanwal, Adeel Anjum, Abid Khan
329 Gauging Impact of The Influential Researchers On the Global HEIs' Rankings On the Global HEIs' Rankings Muhammad Sajid Qureshi, Ali Daud, Malik Khizar Hayat
333 Natural Scene Text Understanding with Enhanced Classification using Genetic Algorithm Ghulam Jillani Ansari, Jamal Hussain Shah, Muhammad Sharif
334 Brain Tumor Classification: Feature Fusion Javeria Amin, Muhammad Sharif, Mudassar Raza
335 Skin Lesion Classification: An Optimized Framework of Optimal Color Features Selection Farhat Afza, Muhammad Attique Khan, Muhammad Sharif
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