Conference Program

FIT 2018-Technical Sessions
Day 1 : Monday, December 17, 2018
Plenary Session
Auditorium 09:00 am Guests to be seated
  09:10–09:15 am Tilawat
09:15–09:20 am Conference Introduction
09:20–10:00 am Keynote Address, “Building the Plane and Learning to Fly: How Innovation = Technology + Skills” by Reiko Heckel, University of Leicester, UK
10:00–10:30 am Address by Chief Guest
Parallel Sessions 1, 2, 3 and 4
Session 1: Software Engineering
Jinnah Hall 11:30 –12:15 pm Invited Talk: The State of e-Commerce in Pakistan by Badar Khushnood, Bramerz, Pakistan
12:15 –12:35 pm Dynamic Testing of C Program Interfaces Based on FSM Modeling by Muhammad Sajjad, Muhammad Wasim, Muzammil Shahbaz, Kashif Saghar, Usman Ghani Khan
12:35 –12:55 pm An Experimental Tool for Search-based Mutation Testing by Muhammad Bilal Bashir, Aamer Nadeem
12:55 –01:15 pm A Systematic Literature Review: Software Requirements Prioritization Techniques by Muhammad Sufian, Zirak Khan, Saad Rehman, Wasi Haider Butt
01:15 –02:15 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 2: Modeling & Simulation for Emergent Technologies
Iqbal Hall 11:30–12:15 pm Invited Talk: Inferring Visual Contracts from Java Programs by Reiko Heckel, University of Leicester, UK
12:15–12:35 pm Model Identification and Control of a Lab Based Inverted Pendulum System Using Robust Control Technique by Anila Barkat, Athar Hanif, and Mirza Tariq Hamayun
12:35–12:55 pm Modeling of Graph-based Smart Parking System using Internet of Things by Saba Latif, Hamra Afzaal, Nazir Ahmad Zafar
12:55–01:15 pm Robust Sliding Mode Speed Control of Vehicle Engine System by Muhammad Jamshed Abbas, Haris Sheh Zad, Muhammad Awais, Ali Waqar
01:15–02:15 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 3: Adaptive Systems, Networks, IoT & Cloud Computing
Sir Syed Hall 11:30 –12:15 pm Invited Talk: Blockchain-Enabled Vertical Workflows: Trust-based Service Enactment & Orchestration Across Edge and Cloud Resources by Omer F. Rana, Cardiff University, UK
12:15–12:35 pm Power Management Techniques in Popular Operating Systems for IoT Devices by Rizwan Hamid Randhawa, Adeel Ahmed and Muhammad Ibrahim Siddiqui
12:35–12:55 pm A Fog-Assisted Architecture to Support an Evolving Hospitality Industry in Smart Cities by Prasanna Kansakar, Arslan Munir, and Neda Shabani
12:55–01:15 pm E-HOSA: Extended-Hybrid Optical Switch Architecture for Cloud Computing Data Centers by Samina Lone, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Imran
01:15–02:15 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 4: Water Informatics
Liaqat Hall 11:30–12:15 pm Invited Talk: Water Resources: Opportunities and Challenges in Pakistan by Bahadar Nawab Khattak, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan
12:15 –12:35 pm AquaEye: A Low Cost Flood Early Warning System for Developing Countries by Rizwan Hamid Randhawa, Rashid Mahmood and Tahir Ahmad
12:35–12:55 pm Wastewater Treatment Method Selection for Pulp and Paper Industry by Tanzila Younas, Nasreen Bano, Usama Qadir, Warisha Zafar
12:55–01:15 pm The Control of Various Channels Water Flows by Talat Nazir
01:15–02:15 pm Lunch & Prayers
Parallel Sessions 5, 6, 7 and 8
Session 5: Data Science & Advanced Analytics
Jinnah Hall 02:15–03:00 pm Invited Talk: Big Data and IoT Applications: Fast and Glorious by Simon James Fong, University of Macau, China
03:00–03:20 pm Automated Feature Synthesis From Relational Database For Data Science Related Problems by Afifa Fatima, Faizan Ali Khan, Aneeq Raza, Abdul Basit Kamran
03:20–03:40 pm Internet Traffic Analysis of an Educational Network using Bro IDS by Hafiz Muhammad Shafiq, Muhammad Amir Mehmood
03:40–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 6: Pattern Recognition, Image & Natural Language Processing
Iqbal Hall 02:15–03:00 pm Invited Talk: Aesthetics in User Interface (UI) Design by Shoab Ahmed Khan, CASE, Pakiatan
03:00–03:20 pm Color Image Enhancement using Multiscale Retinex with Guided Filter by Haleema Sadia, Fazal Azeem, Hidayat Ullah, Zahid Mahmood, Shahid Khattak, Gul Zameen Khan
03:20–03:40 pm Cross Lingual Speech Emotion Recognition: Urdu vs. Western Languages by Siddique Latif, Adnan Qayyum, Muhammad Usman, and Junaid Qadir
03:40–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 7: Signal Processing and Next Generation Communication Systems
Sir Syed Hall 02:15–03:00 pm Invited Talk: Detection-based protection against Cache Side-Channel Attacks by Khurram Bhatti, Information Technology University, Pakistan
03:00–03:20 pm Enhancement of Visible Light Communication Transceiver using LDPC Codes by Arslan Khalid, Mehmood Ahmed, Nesruminallah Khan, Assad Ali
03:20–03:40 pm Wearable Sensor-Based Human Behavior Understanding and Recognition in Daily Life for Smart Environments by Ahmad Jalal, Majid Ali Khan Quaid, Abdul S. Hasan
03:40–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 8: PhD Symposium
Liaqat Hall 02:15–02:35 pm A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Approach for Optimal Building to Grid Power Flow Control by Obaid Ur Rehman, Shahid A. Khan, Nadeem Javaid
02:35–02:55 pm Investigation of Metadata Combinations with Co-citation to Identify Relevant Papers by Shahbaz Ahmad, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal
02:55–03:15 pm Multi-view Convolution Neural Network with Swarm Search based Hyperparameter Optimization for Enhancing Heart Disease and Breast Cancer Detection by Tengyue Li
03:15–03:40 pm Significance of Trend in Scientific Research by Lubna Zafar, Muhammad Arshad Islam
03:40–04:00 pm Refreshments
Parallel Sessions 9, 10,11 and 12
Session 9: Tutorial / Workshop Session
Jinnah Hall 04:00– 06:00 pm Tutorial: Simulation Tools for Wireless Sensor Networks/Low Power Devices in Internet of Things by Shama Siddiqui, DHA Suffa University, Pakistan and Anwar Ahmed Khan, IBA, Pakistan
Session 10: Smart Grid, Energy and Electronics
Iqbal Hall 04:00– 04:40 pm Invited Talk: Introduction to Printed Electronics, Printed Devices, and their Applications by Kyung Hyun Choi, Mechatronics Engineering, Jeju National University, Korea
04:40– 05:00 pm Design of an Efficient Single-Stage and 2-stages Class-E Power Amplifier (2.4GHz) for Internet-of-Things by Ayyaz Ali, Syed Waqas Haider Shah, Khalid Iqbal
05:00– 05:20 pm Support Vector Machine and Gaussian Process Regression Based Modeling for Photovoltaic Power Prediction by Sidra Kanwal, Bilal Khan, Sahibzada Muhammad Ali, Chaudhry Arshad Mehmood, Muhammad Qasim Rauf
05:20– 05:40 pm Unsupervised Event Detection and On-Off Pairing Approach Applied to NILM by Arfa Yasin, Shoab Ahmed Khan
05:40– 06:00 pm Techno-Economic Study of Electricity Generation from Wind at Kallar-Kahar Region in Pakistan by Tanvir Ahmed, Mazhar Ali, Dawar Awan
Session 11: Network, Cyber & Information Security
Sir Syed Hall 04:00–04:40 pm Invited Talk: ARMHEx: A Hardware Extension for DIFT on ARM-based SoCs by Guy Gogniat, University of South Brittany, France
04:40–05:00 pm A Supervised Machine Learning Based Approach for Automatically Extracting High-Level Threat Intelligence from Unstructured Sources by Yumna Ghazi, Zahid Anwar, Rafia Mumtaz, Shahzad Saleem and Ali Tahir
05:00–05:20 pm Enhanced Secure Mechanism for VM Migration in Clouds by Kanwal Janjua, Waris Ali
05:20–05:40 pm Efficient Lightweight Encryption Algorithm for Smart Video Applications by Amna Shifa, Mamoona Naveed Asghar, Naila Batool, Martin Fluery
05:40–06:00 pm STIXGEN - A Novel Framework for Automatic Generation of Structured Cyber Threat Information by Zafar Iqbal, Zahid Anwar, Rafia Mumtaz
Session 12: PhD Symposium
Liaqat Hall 04:00–04:25 pm Synthesized Machine Learning Approaches for Information Retrieval from PDF-based Articles of Diversified Publishers to Enable Semantic Search by Raja Muhammad Waqas Ahmed, Muhammad Tanvir Afzal
04:25–04:50 pm Gauging Impact of The Influential Researchers On the Global HEIs' Rankings On the Global HEIs' Rankings by Muhammad Sajid Qureshi, Ali Daud, Malik Khizar Hayat
04:50–05:30 pm General guidelines and research tips by Evaluators / Session Co-chairs
Day 2 : Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Parallel Sessions 13, 14, 15 and 16
Session 13: Software Engineering
Jinnah Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: The Future of Computer Science is Game Design by Ashraf Iqbal, Lahore Garrison University, Pakistan
09:45–10:05 am Developing Smart Phone based Early Intervention for Intellectually Disable Children of Pakistan: A Conceptual Framework by Tahreem Yasir
10:05–10:25 am Comparing spectrum based fault localisation against test-to-code traceability links by Gulsher Laghari, Kamran Dahri, Serge Demeyer
10:25–10:45 am Integrating Risk Management in Scrum Framework by Muhammad Hammad, Irum Inayat
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Session 14: Adaptive Systems, Networks, IoT & Cloud Computing
Iqbal Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: The Rapid Growth of Tech Hubs In Africa by Abid Yahya, Botswana International University of Science & Technology (BIUST), Botswana
09:45–10:05 am Heuristic Path-Reconfiguration Algorithm using Multi-Hop Opportunistic Routing in WSNs by Muhammad Asad and Muhammad Aslam
10:05–10:25 am Real Time Fixed Point Adaptive Chaotic System Generator for Deep Brain Stimulation using FPGA by Syed Aamir Ali Shah, Lei Zhang, Abdul Bais
10:25–10:45 am Efficient Resource Utilization in Cloud-Fog Environment Integrated with Smart Grids by Junaid Akram, Zeeshan Najam, Arslan Rafi
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Session 15: Data Science & Advanced Analytics
Sir Syed Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: Internet Governance and Policy for Technology Innovation by Amir Qayyum, Capital University of Science and Technology, Pakistan
09:45–10:05 am Elective Learning Objects Group Recommendation Using Non-Cooperative Game Theory by Asad Zia and Muhammad Usman
10:05–10:25 am State of Art Techniques for Social Influence Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review by Sadia Majeed, Usman Qamar, Aftab Farooq
10:25–10:45 am Analyzing Excessive User Feedback: A Big Data Challenge by Faiza Allah Bukhsh, Jeewanie Jayasinghe Arachchige, Furqan Malik
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Session 16: IT Innovation Awards
Liaqat Hall 09:00–10:50 am Presentations
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Parallel Sessions 17, 18, 19 and 20
Session 17: Pattern Recognition, Image & Natural Language Processing
Jinnah Hall 11:05–11:45 am Invited Talk: Video Content Analysis: An Insight from Visual Assets by Rana Hammad Raza, National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan
11:45–12:05 am Robust Spatio-Temporal Features for Human Interaction Recognition via Artificial Neural Network by Ahmad Jalal, Maria Mahmood, M. A. Siddiqi
12:05–12:25 pm Integration of Speech/ Music Discrimination and Mood Classification with Audio Feature Extraction by Mohsin Ashraf, Geng Guo Hua, Xiaofeng Wang , Farooq Ahmad
12:25–12:45 pm A Recommendation System using Interviewers Preferences for Ranked Candidate Selection by Shiza Hammad, Shabbir Ahmed, Muhammad Azeem Abbas, Iqra Abbasi, Muhammad Taha Jilani
12:45–01:05 pm A Framework for Cardboard based Augmented Reality by Syed Rameez Rehman, Shahzad Rasool
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 18: Invited Talks
Iqbal Hall 11:05–11:45 am Data Protection & Citizen Privacy by Rafi Us Shan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board, Pakistan
11:45–12:25 pm The Flexible and Fact-based Technology Risk Management in Public Sector by Tanveer Ahmad, Higher Education Commission, Pakistan
12:25–01:05 pm Capacity Optimization for Underwater Video Transmission Services by Javier Poncela Gonzalez, University of Malaga (UMA), Spain
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 19: Tutorial
Sir Syed Hall 11:05–01:00 am Blockchain Application development by Irfan Ul Haq and Huma Pervez, PIEAS, Pakistan
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 20: IT Innovation Awards
Liaqat Hall 11:05–12:50 pm Presentations
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Parallel Sessions 21, 22, 23 and 24
Session 21: Network, Cyber & Information Security
Jinnah Hall 02:00–02:45 pm Invited Talk: Security of LTE and 5G Mobile Networks by Christina Popper, New York University, Abu Dhabi
02:45–03:05 pm Prevention of Timing Attack in Software Defined Named Data Networks Based VANETs by Ahmad Arsalan, Rana Asif Rehman
03:05–03:25 pm Detection and Resolving WSN Issues with the use of Data Mining & Intelligent Algorithms by Mohsin Ashraf, Geng Guo Hua, Xiaofeng Wang, Farooq Ahmad
03:25–03:45 pm Mesh of SSVEP-Based BCI and Eye-Tracker for use of Higher Frequency Stimuli and Lower Number of EEG Channels by Abdul Saboor, Mihaly Benda, Aya Rezeika, Roland Grichnik, Felix Gembler, Piotr Stawicki, Ivan Volosyak
03:45–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 22: Modeling & Simulation for Emergent Technologies
Iqbal Hall 02:00–02:50 pm Invited Talk: 5G-VINNI, a Pan-European Project on the 5G Enabled Verticals Innovation Infrastructure by Kashif Mehmood, Telenor Research, Norway
02:50–03:15 pm Nonlinear Autoregressive with Exogenous Input Controller for Semi Active Suspension of Heavy Truck by Salman Zafar, Imran Shafi, Raja Amir Azim
03:15–03:40 pm APEnergy: Application Profile-based Energy-Efficient Framework for SaaS Clouds by Basit Qureshi, Anis Koubaa
03:45–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 23: Invited Talks
Sir Syed Hall 02:00–02:50 pm Implementation of Real Time Processing Pipelines for Big Data Analytic Applications by Fan Zhang, IBM, USA
02:50–03:40 pm Towards Cognitive Big Data and Cyber-Informatics: Real world case studies and emerging research challenges by Amir Hussain, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
03:45–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 24: IT Innovation Awards
Liaqat Hall 02:00–03:45 pm Presentations
03:45–04:00 pm Refreshments
Session 25: Focus Group Discussion
Auditorium 04:00 –06:00 pm A Dream or a Reality, “Pakistan IT Exports: $10 Billion”
Day 3 : Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Parallel Sessions 26, 27, 28 and 29
Session 26: Pattern Recognition, Image & Natural Language Processing
Jinnah Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: Is Machine Learning a Real Game Changer for Today’s Smart World? by Fatima Hussain, Ryerson University, Canada
09:45–10:05 am Lexicon and Heuristics Based Approach for Identification of Emotion in Text by
10:05–10:25 am Object Size Measurement through Images: An Application to Measuring Human Foot Size by Muhammad Ahmad Shahid, Muhammad Aksam Iftikhar, Zaheer Ahmad Gondal, Saima Rathore, Muhammad Adnan
10:25–10:45 am Historical Manuscript Dating using Textural Measures by Anmol Hamid, Maryam Bibi, Imran Siddiqi, Momina Moetesum
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Session 27: Cloud Computing, and Software Engineering
Iqbal Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: Engineering Critical Systems - Challenges and Expectations by Zohaib Iqbal, FAST-NU, Pakistan
09:45–10:05 am Functionality, Performance, and Compatibility Testing: A Model Based Approach by Najam us Saqib, Sara Shahzad
10:05–10:25 am CUIF: Control of Useless Interests Flooding in Vehicular Named Data Networks by Muhammad Usman Tahir, Rana Asif Rehman
10:25–10:45 am Tuning Free DPC for ETO-based MMC-HVDC System with Unbalance Fault-Ride-Through Capability by Ahmad Kamal, Abdul Basit
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Session 28: Network, Cyber & Information Security
Sir Syed Hall 09:00 –09:45 am Invited Talk: Cyber Range: A Shooting Range for Cyber Warriors by Muhammad Yousaf, Riphah International University, Pakistan
09:45 –10:05 am Towards Formal Modeling of Hotspot Issue by Watch-Man Nodes in Wireless Sensor and Actor Network by Umar Draz, Tariq Ali, Sana Yasin, Umair Waqas
10:05 –10:25 am Security for Machine Learning-based Systems: Attacks and Challenges during Training and Inference by Faiq Khalid, Muhammad Abdullah Hanif, Semeen Rehman, Muhammad Shafique
10:25 –10:45 am Mitigation and improving SHA-1 Standard Using Collision Detection Approach by Zeyad Al-Odat, Mazhar Ali, Samee U. Khan
10:45 –11:05 am Refreshments
Session 29: Modeling & Simulation for Emergent Technologies
Liaqat Hall 09:00–09:45 am Invited Talk: Network Function Virtualization: What, Why and How? by Ahmed E. Kamal, Iowa State University, USA
09:45–10:05 am Fitness-based Acceleration Coefficients to Enhance the Convergence Speed of Novel Binary Particle Swarm Optimization by Yasir Mehmood, Marium Sadiq, Faryal Amin, Waseem Shahzad
10:05–10:25 am Performance Comparison of Chunk/Peer Scheduling Algorithms of Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems by Syed Saddam Hussain Shah, Naina Said, Aysha Nayab, Waleed Khan, Zaryab Ali Shinwari, M. Jawad, Nasru Minallah
10:25–10:45 am Enhanced Adaptive Geographic Opportunistic Routing with Interference Avoidance Assisted with Mobile Sinks for Underwater Wireless Sensor Network by Talha Naeem Qureshi, Nadeem Javaid
10:45–11:05 am Refreshments
Parallel Sessions 30, 31, and 32
Session 30: Made in Pakistan: Future Prospects
Jinnah Hall 11:05–11:45 am Innovation Eco-System: Made in Pakistan by Syed Ahmed, Chairman P@SHA, CEO DPL, Pakistan
11:45–12:25 pm Pakistan: Historic Five Years by Shehryar Hydri, Secretary-General, P@SHA, Pakistan
12:25–01:05 pm Made in Digital Pakistan by Barkan Saeed, CEO at Vizteck, Pakistan
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 31: Modeling, Simulation and Cloud Computing
Iqbal Hall 11:05–11:45 am Invited Talk: Machine Learning Assisted Wireless Communication by Soon Xin Ng, University of Southampton, UK
11:45–12:05 pm Intelligent Speed Controller Design for Brushless DC Motor by Abasin Ulasyar, Haris Sheh Zad, Adil Zohaib
12:05–12:25 pm UWB Circular Monopole Antenna with Fractal Slots for Triple Band-Notch Characteristics by Kiran Nadeem, Zeeshan Ahmed, Iram Nadeem, Ferdows B. Zarrabi, Khurram Saleem Alimgeer
12:25–12:45 pm Optimized Pricing & Scheduling Model for Long range Autonomous Valet Parking by Muhammad Khalid, Yue Cao, Nauman Aslam, Chakkaphong Suthaputchakun, Muhammad Arshad, and Waqar Khalid
12:45–01:05 pm Congestion Control Through Dynamic Access Class Barring for Bursty MTC Traffic in Future Cellular Networks by Syed Waqas Haider Shah, Ahmad Talal Riaz, Khalid Iqbal
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Session 32: Software Engineering, Data Science and Security
Sir Syed Hall 11:05–11:45 am Invited Talk: Graph Learning Systems for Large Scale Distributed Analytics by Ashiq Anjum, University of Derby, UK
11:45–12:05 pm Integrated Security Model for Managing the Security Non-Functional Requirements at Architectural Design of Internet-Based Systems by Muhammad Babar, Shahid Azeem, Fahim Arif, Waseem Iqbal
12:05–12:25 pm From Traditional to Technologically Influenced Audit : A Compliance Perspective by Faiza Allah Bukhsh, Patricio de Alencar Silva, Bilal Allah Bukhsh, Sumaiya Syed
12:25–12:45 pm Generating Abstractive Summaries Using Sequence to Sequence Attention Model by Tooba Siddiqui, Jawwad Ahmed Shamsi
12:45–01:05 pm Security Requirements Engineering: A Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems by Shafiq ur Rehman, Christopher Allgaier, Volker Gruhn
01:05–02:00 pm Lunch & Prayers
Conference Panel Discussion
Auditorium 02:30–04:00 pm Topic: Innovation – The Way Forward
  • Shoab Ahmed Khan, CASE, Pakistan
  • Athar Osama, Member Planning Commission, Pakistan
  • Syed Ahmed, Chairman P@SHA, CEO DPL, Pakistan
  • Shehryar Hydri, Secretary-General, P@SHA, Pakistan
  • Barkan Saeed, CEO at Vizteck, Pakistan
Sheesh Mehal 04:00–04:20 pm Conference Report
04:20–04:40 pm Prizes for Student Projects Presentation of Shields
04:40–05:00 pm Closing Address
05:00 pm Refreshments
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