Accepted Paper List

Accepted Papers

Paper ID Authors Title
3 Shama Siddiqui and Anwar Ahmed Khan.  Evaluation of Packet Concatenation Mechanisms for Low Power Devices in Industrial Internet of Things
4 Muhammad Usman Shahbaz, Muhammad Salman and Muhammad Babar Khan.  Critical Analysis of Internet Country Code Top-level Domain (ccTLD) of Pakistan
8 Nasira Bibi, Nudrat Nida, Aun Irtaza and Syed Muhammad Anwar.  Automatic Detection of Exudates for Diagnosis of Non-proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy using Region-based Convolutional Neural Networks
9 Jalal Janjua and Arshad Hassan.  Nanostructures for enhancing the performance of thin film solar cells
17 Yusra Banaras, Ali Javed and Farman Hassan.  Automatic Speaker Verification and Replay Attack Detection System using novel Glottal Flow Cepstrum Coefficients
18 Muhammad Hamza Zafar, Noman Mujeeb Khan and Umer Amir Khan.  Short Term Hybrid PV/Wind Power Forecasting for Smart Grid Application using Feedforward Neural Network (FNN) Trained by a Novel Atomic Orbital Search (AOS) Optimization Algorithm
23 Naeem Ullah and Ali Javed.  Deep Features Comparative Analysis for COVID-19 Detection from the Chest Radiograph Images
27 Muhammad Asif, Yousra Javed and Mehdi Hussain.  Automated Analysis of Pakistani Websites’ Compliance with GDPR and Pakistan Data Protection Act
28 Shehr Bano and Fawad Hussain.  Prediction of Covid-19 and post Covid-19 patients with reduced feature extraction using Machine Learning
29 Mohsin Ashraf, Farooq Ahmad, Raeena Tauqir, Fazeel Abid, Mudasser Naseer and Ehtesham Ul Haq.  Emotion Recognition based on Musical Instrument using Deep Neural Network
32 Soufia Kausar, Bilal Tahir and Muhammad Amir Mehmood.  Understanding the Role of Political Micro-influencers in Pakistan
36 Hareem Kibriya, Iram Abdullah and Amber Nasrullah. Plant Disease Identification and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network and SVM.
39 Aqsa Tehseen, Nazir Ahmad Zafar and Tariq Ali.  Algorithm-based Dynamic Formal Model for Forest Fire Detection & Extinguishment System
42 Wasim Iqbal, Hatif Bin Abdul Majeed, Aqib Khan and Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi.  Performance Evaluation of Third Harmonic Injection PWM Technique for Three Phase Multilevel Inverter with Dynamic Load
52 Aisha Bibi, M. Ismail Khan and Imdad Khan.  Microwave Linear Polarization Chiral Rotator with Asymmetric Transmission
58 Soufia Kausar, Bilal Tahir, Muhammad Amir Mehmood HashCat: A Novel Approach for the Topic Classification of Multilingual Twitter Trends
62 Hafiza Tehmina Kanwal, Fahim Arif and Sadaf Rubab.  IoT Sensor Systems Mapping Quality Parameters using Cloud Computing
67 Farah Ul Ain and Kashif Imran.  Analysis of Future Probabilistic placement of Electric Vehicle Chargers on real residential Feeder
81 Ghulam Jillani Ansari, Jamal Hussain Shah and Muhammad Sharif. Text Understanding form Natural Images with Enhanced Classification using Genetic Algorithm
84 Samia Batool, Sadiq Ahmad, Abdullah Shoukat and Faiza Mobeen.  A Data Driven Approach for Optimal Coordination of Overcurrent Relay
87 Ali Raza, Misha Urooj, Zubair Saeed, Aqsa Samer, Sana Samer and Areeba Mobeen.  Classification of Eye Diseases and Detection of Catarct using Digital Fundus Imaging (DFI) and Inception-V4 Deep Learning Model
104 Asia Shahab, Ayesha Naseer, Muhammad Noumam Zafar and Aamer Nadeem.  Detection of Energy Bugs in Android Applications: A Systematic Literature Review
109 Naurin Farooqi, Faisal Bukhari and Waheed Iqbal.  Predictive Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using Machine Learning
110 Quratul Ain, Nudrat Nida and Aun Irtaza.  DefenseNet- A Resilent Network Against Adverserail Attacks On Recommendation Systems
118 Ayesha Shoukat, Shahzad Akbar, Syed Al E Hassan, Amjad Rehman and Noor Ayesha.  Glaucoma Diagnosis through Convolutional Neural Network using Fundus Images
120 Sahar Gull, Shahzad Akbar and Khadija Safdar.  An Interactive Deep Learning Approach for Brain Tumor Detection Through 3D-Magnetic Resonance Images
124 Maawa Khalid and Salman Ghafoor.  A Single Laser and Fiber Based Duplex Data Transmission to Multiple Users in a Passive Optical Link
130 Honglu Yan, Tianlong Ma, Chenyu Pan, Yanan Liu and Songzuo Liu.  Statistical analysis of time-varying channel for underwater acoustic communication and network
135 Rana M. Amir Latif, Muhammad Rehan Naeem, Osama Rizwan and Muhammad Farhan.  A Smart Technique to Forecast Karachi Stock Market Share-Values using ARIMA Model
137 Muhammad Shoaib Iqbal, Babar Mansoor, Abrar Ahmed and Sardar Muhammad Gulfam.  Pilot-Aided Estimation of Millimeter Wave Sparse Massive MIMO Channels using Neural Networks
146 Khayyam Bahadur and Yasir Sabir.  Power Quality Enhancement Employing A Novel Variable Frequency Drive Regulated Harmonic Mitigation Technique
154 Sobia Pervaiz, Waqas Haider Bangyal, Kashif Niisar and Najeeb Ur Rehman. Population Initialization of Seagull Optimization Algorithm with Pseudo Random Numbers for  Continous Optimization
158 Aman Muhammad, Qiao Gang, Muhammad Azeem Durrani and Muzzammil Muhammad.  Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Induction and Optical based Localization for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
174 Amjad Khan, Dayang Iskandar, Lim Phei Chin and Yin Chai Wang.  A New Technique for Reducing the Segmentation Error of Left Ventricle Contours using Magnetic Resonance Images
176 Sadia Firdous, Nargis Bibi and Madiha Wahid.  An Energy-Efficient Cluster Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
177 Neeli Khan, Duaa Baig, Muhammad Khan, Assad Abbas and Mazhar Ali.  Malware Detection in Android via Neural Network using Entropy Features
180 Khurum Iqbal, Ali Hassan, Syed Shah Mir Ul Hassan, Shuaib Iqbal, Faheem Aslam and Khurrum S Mughal.  Forecasting Stock Market Using Machine Learning Approach Encoder-Decoder ConvLSTM
183 Anum Tariq and Shoab Ahmed Khan.  When Business Process Re-engineering meets Industry 4.0: A concept paper
184 Bostan Khan, Muhammad Moazam Fraz and Adeel Mumtaz.  Enhanced Super-Resolution via Squeeze-and-Residual-Excitation in Aerial Imagery
188 Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad Jawad, Nisma Saleem, Ali Raza, Khurram Zaidi and Nadeem Rafiq.  Solar Power Assisted Passive and Active Cell Balancing System: A Comprehensive Analysis
194 Khadija Safdar, Shahzad Akbar and Sahar Gull.  An Automated Deep Learning based Ensemble Approach for Malignant Melanoma Detection using Dermoscopy Images
197 Muhammad Umar Farooq, Aamna Shakoor and Abu Bakar Siddique.  Agent-based modeling and simulation in the analysis of e-commerce market
202 Kainat Ali, Junaid Ali Khan, Farwah Aizaz and Mansoor Ahmed.  Software Requirements Prioritization (SRP) in the context of Global Software Development (GSD)
207 Ahmad Ullah, Misha Urooj Khan, Farrukh Mujahid and Dr Muhammad Salman Khan.  Automatic Classification of Lung Sounds Using Machine Learning Algorithms
223 Syed Abusaeed, Junaid Ali Khan, Saira Naeem and Saif-Ur-Rehman Khan.  An Empirical Investigation on Cost Estimation Challenges in Agile Software Development (ASD) Context
228 Zahoor Ahmad, Hamid Ali Khan, Shahzad Ahmad, Basharat Ullah, Sumeet Khalid and Siddique Akbar.  Design and Analysis of a Novel Dual Stator Tubular Moving Magnet Linear Actuator for Compressor Application
230 Ahtsham Zafar, Asad Khan and Shahzad Younis.  Classical Adversarial Attack on mm-Wave FMCW Radar
236 Farwah Aizaz, Uzair Iqbal Janjua, Haroon Zafar, Junaid Ali Khan and Irfan Kazim.  An Empirical Investigation on Software Cost Estimation Techniques and Barriers on Agile Software Development in Software Industry of Pakistan
239 Asima Bibi and Muhammad Salman Khan. Attention Convolutional U-Net for Automatic Liver Tumor Segmentation
240 Duaa Baig, Muhammad U.S. Khan, Darren Dancey, Assad Abbas, Mazhar Ali and Raheel Nawaz.  Malware Detection and Classification along with Trade-off Analysis for Number of Features, Feature Types, and Speed
242 Sidra Iqbal, Nazir Ahmad Zafar and Tariq Ali.  IoT-based Formal Modelling of emergency message dissemination scheme for VANETs
247 Yuri Van Midden, Jeewanie Jayasinghe Arachchige and Faiza Allah Bukhsh.  Optimal Scenario Mining for Business Strategy Decision-making through Process Mining
248 Nauman Qadeer, Jamal Hussain Shah and Muhammad Sharif.  Automated Localization and Segmentation of Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI using Faster R-CNN
254 Misha Urooj, Zubair Saeed, Ali Raza, Muhammad Abdullah Abbasi, Muneeb Asif and Urooj.  Deep learning based Intelligent Emotion Recognition and Classification System
259 Muhammad Usman Shahid Khan, Tahir Maqsood, Syed Muhammad Ammar Hassan Bukhari and Shazir Ali Khan.  ISP can identify YouTube videos that you just watched
260 Muhammad Asim Ismail, Shahid Ali, Sartaj Khan, Zeeshan Babar and Muhammad Mazhar. A Survey of Indian Ocean Region Maritime Security: Technological Advancements and Innovative Solutions

PhD Symposium

Paper ID Authors Title
100 Raazia Sosan.  Physically Based Volume Rendering on the GPU
196 Haroon Haider Khan and Majid Iqbal Khan.   Loss Functions: Evaluating their Performance and the Need For An Adaptive Approach
204 Sumaira Saeed.  On Finding Semantically Similar Text and Generating Interpretations Using a Hybrid approach
217 Tassawar Ali.  A proactive energy-efficient data replication strategy for data-intensive clouds using artificial neural network optimized by differential evolution
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