Adaptive Systems, Networks, IoT & Cloud Computing

Track Co-chair(s):

  1. Prof. Dr. Antonio Liotta, University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy
  2. Dr. Martin Fleury, University of Suffolk, UK
  3. Nadia Nawaz, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan

Adaptive Systems

  • Computer Architecture and Real time Systems
  • Dependable, Reliable and Autonomic Computing
  • Distributed and Parallel Systems & Algorithms
  • Embedded System and Software
  • Sensor Networks and Embedded Systems
  • Re-configurable Systems
  • Complex Systems
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Fundamentals on adaptive and self-adapting systems
  • Frameworks and architectures for adaptive supporting platforms
  • Architectures for adaptive applications
  • Specification of adaptive behavior
  • Specification of adaptive structures and topologies
  • Design and implementation of adaptive components
  • Composition of adaptive behaviors and structures
  • Adaptive individual and collective behavior and structures
  • Adaptive deterministic and non-deterministic behavior
  • Semantic modeling
  • On-chip learning and adaptation
  • Automatic/self-calibration
  • Hardware implementations of optimization engines
  • Learning and evolutionary algorithms for adaptive hardware
  • Search and optimization algorithms for adaptive hardware
  • Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems

Emerging Networks

  • Mobile and Wireless Networks
  • Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networks
  • Vehicular Networks
  • Self-organizing Networks
  • Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks
  • Body Area Networks
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • High Speed Networks
  • Future Internet Architecture, Protocols and Services
  • Middleware Support For Networking
  • Network Operation and Management
  • Network Services and Applications
  • Social Computing And Networks
  • Quality of Experience in Network Streaming Services
  • Recent trends & Developments in Computer Networks
  • Multi-tier Networks
  • Network Architectures and Design
  • Network Protocols
  • QoS, Reliability & Performance Modeling
  • Socially-driven and self-organizing cloud networking

Internet of Things

  • IoT Architecture Design and Optimizations
  • IoT Interoperability
  • IoT Security and Privacy of IoT Devices and Services
  • 5G Networks and IoT
  • IoT Communication Protocols
  • IoT Network Virtualization
  • Cognitive IoT
  • Cloud-assisted IoT
  • Bigdata IoT
  • Artificial intelligence in IoT
  • Context-aware adaptation and self-adaptation for Smart cities

Cloud Computing

  • Mobility Management Across Edge-Cloud Platforms
  • Data Analysis And Extraction
  • Intercloud Architecture Models
  • Cloud Services Delivery Models.
  • Cloud system design with FPGAs, GPUs, APUs
  • Cloud Services and Applications
  • Cloud Services Models & Frameworks
  • Cloud­based Services & Protocols
  • IoT and Mobile on Cloud
  • IoT Cloud Architectures & Models
  • Mobile Cloud Architectures & Models
  • Green Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Resource Management In Mobile Cloud Environments
  • Fog Computing
  • Self-adaptive Cloud Architectures
  • Adapting workflows in networked clouds
  • Adaptive algorithms in 5G Cloud networks
  • Automatic cloud adaptation
  • Automated cloud brokerage
  • Self-Protective multi-Cloud Applications

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