Call for PhD Symposium

The FIT 2024 PhD Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for PhD students, working in all areas of Information and Communication Technology to present their ongoing research work to renowned and experienced researchers. The objective of the PhD symposium is to provide a platform, where students can expose, discuss, and evaluate their ideas by interacting with the experts from similar domains.

The Goals of the Symposium are:

  • To bring together PhD students and established researchers in the area of Information and Communication Technology.
  • To enable PhD students to interact with other PhD students and to stimulate exchange of ideas, suggestions and experiences among participants.
  • To provide PhD students an opportunity to present, share and discuss their research in a constructive and critical atmosphere.
  • To provide PhD students with fruitful feedback and advice on their research approach.

Submission Guidelines

The students should submit a 3-4 pages short paper (extended abstract) that should summarize his/her research. The use of figures and/or diagrams is encouraged. The submission should include:

Motivation and Problem Description: Outline the research challenges that drive the proposed work, describe the core problem of the PhD and motivate relevance for the ICT area.

State of the Art: Describe relevant related work and point out open research questions, Proposed Approach: Present the approach and its novelty and significance relative to the state-of-the-art.

Methodology: Sketch the methodology that is (or will be) adopted and, in particular; the approach to be taken for evaluating the results of the work.

Results and work in progress: Describe the current status of the work and results that have been reached so far. Discuss how the work will be evaluated, stating how the suggested solution is different, new, or better than existing approaches to the problem.

To participate in the symposium, PhD students are invited to send a short paper (extended abstract) related to their ongoing research.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of originality, significance, technical merit, presentation quality and relevance. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two members of the PhD Symposium Program Committee. Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the PhD Symposium and made available at the conference web site during the conference period. The authors of accepted papers must register for the conference, attend the Symposium and present their paper.

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