Smart Grid, Energy & Electronics

Track Co-chair(s):

  1. Abdul Majid, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan
  2. Muhammad Bilal Qureshi, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan
  3. Sobia Beg,  COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan

  • Regulated and De-regulated Energy Markets
  • SG Architectural Model-PMU, PDC, IED, Smart Meters, and Super PDC
  • Renewable Generation
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Consumer Interactions and Empowerment
  • Energy Management
  • Weather Parametric Effects on Smart Consumers
  • Green Environment
  • Smart Grid and Data Centers
  • Energy Efficient Smart Grids
  • Signal Processing in Smart Grids
  • Security Issues in Smart Grids
  • Environment and Economics
  • Standards, Security, and Interoperability
  • Stability and Control
  • Linear and Non-Linear Control
  • HVAC and HVDC Modeling, Analysis, and Control
  • Power System Dynamics and Control
  • Grid-Interfaced Models, DFIG, PMSG and PV Models
  • Power Electronics
  • AC/DC Electric Drives
  • Electric Machines Control in Grid-Interfaced Models
  • Converter Analysis, Modeling, and Design
  • Performance Metric for Efficient Smart Grid
  • Existing Smart Grid Models in World
  • Micro Grids as Distributed Generation
  • Electric Vehicles V2G/G2V
  • Electric Ships
  • Electric Traction using DG Systems

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