Modeling & Simulation for Emerging Technologies

    Track Co-chair(s):

    1. Ansar Yasar, Hasselt University, Belgium
    2. Kamran Munir, University of the West of England, United Kingdom
    3. Nadeem Javaid, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan
      1. Agent-based Modeling
      2. Complex Network Modeling
      3. Multi-scale modeling
      4. Discrete Event Simulation
      5. Formal Specification-based Simulation Models
      6. Formal and Textual Specification of Complex Systems Models
      7. Verification & Validation of Models
      8. Distributed simulation
      9. Participatory simulation
      10. Modeling and Simulation of Complex Adaptive Communication Networks and Environments (CACOONS)
        • Wireless sensor Networks
        • Body Area Networks
        • Vehicular Networks
        • Nano-communication networks
        • Self-organizing networks
        • Online social networks
        • Offline social networks

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