Smart Grid, Energy & Electronics

Track Co-chair(s):

  1. Tariq Masood, Dukhan Industrial City, Qatar
  2. Abdul Majid, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Pakistan
    1. Regulated and De-regulated Energy Markets
    2. SG Architectural Model-PMU, PDC, IED, Smart Meters, and Super PDC
    3. Renewable Generation
    4. Demand Response Programs
    5. Consumer Interactions and Empowerment
    6. Energy Management
    7. Weather Parametric Effects on Smart Consumers
    8. Green Environment
    9. Smart Grid and Data Centers
    10. Energy Efficient Smart Grids
    11. Signal Processing in Smart Grids
    12. Security Issues in Smart Grids
    13. Environment and Economics
    14. Standards, Security, and Interoperability
    15. Stability and Control
    16. Linear and Non-Linear Control
    17. HVAC and HVDC Modeling, Analysis, and Control
    18. Power System Dynamics and Control
    19. Grid-Interfaced Models, DFIG, PMSG and PV Models
    20. Power Electronics
    21. AC/DC Electric Drives
    22. Electric Machines Control in Grid-Interfaced Models
    23. Converter Analysis, Modeling, and Design
    24. Performance Metric for Efficient Smart Grid
    25. Existing Smart Grid Models in World
    26. Micro Grids as Distributed Generation
    27. Electric Vehicles V2G/G2V
    28. Electric Ships
    29. Electric Traction using DG Systems

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